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2017 MLB Postseason: NLDS Predictions/Overview

The 2017 postseason is now a few games old with two teams being eliminated. I did pick the Astros to dance all over the Boston Red Sox in a least four games. The Red Sox have a lot of questions going into the off-season but do have a bright side when it comes to their rotation. Should the Red Sox acquire a first basemen? Should Manager John Ferrell be let go?  I picked the Indians to at least go four games with the Yankees and win. But my pick does not look so good at the moment. I did give slight edge to the D-backs over the Dodgers. Los Angeles did of course win more games (104 to 93) and have the better run differential (+190 to +153) during the regular season, but the D-Backs won the head-to-head series (11-8). Arizona won their last six regular season meetings as well. But, I did predicted wrong with the Dodgers sweeping the D-backs in three. I believe that emotional Wild-card game against the Colorado Rockies really helped the Dodgers match ups with the D-Backs. The D-Backs are a team to be reckoned with in the near future. The D-Backs should consider spending money on the bullpen this off-season and look to maybe try and have trade possibilities for Zack Greinke.

Here is my prediction for the NLDS winner to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS:


Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs

Before the round started, I picked the Nationals in 5 games. I could have gone either way in so many directions. The Cubs are the World Champs, so the respect is there. The Cubs have been sloppy all year and they aren’t the same team as last year, even though the Cubs have mostly the same players from their 2016 Championship team. The series as of 10/9/2017 is 2-1, in favor of the Cubs. All three games so far have been competitive. Both teams are evenly matched from the starting pitching, to the bullpen, and to the line-up. Cubs Manager, Joe Madden has been through this all before and knows his team. Madden plugs his players in the right spots to set them up for success. This is a manager that’s easy to play for and it’s not a surprise that his experienced team is up a game on the series. I would not be surprised if this team moved on to the next round with a re-match with the Dodgers.

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The Washington Nationals team must be a curse to have a job to be the Manager. This team has always been the best team on paper for the last five seasons for so. This fan base is hungry for a Championship and is on the verge every single year. This team in the past has run into the good San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinal teams in the past without getting out of the first round. Last year, the Dodgers eliminated the team in the NLDS, now can it be the Cubs? This team is running out of time and needs to win sooner rather than later, either this year or the next. Superstar Bryce Harper is a scheduled unrestricted free- agent at the end of the 2018 season. Another early exit in the NLDS can make his future clear when it comes to returning to the Nationals. No excuses should be made for this team to not make it to the World Series. When this team clicks, this is the best team in the National League in my opinion. This team can roll over the Dodgers and Cubs when right. The Nationals have an experienced Manager in Dusty Baker with an experienced roster. This team will have the most pressure this off-season if this team does not at least go to the World Series this year. Only time will tell in the next few days.


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