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The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part II)

Welcome to Part II of the Ultima Lucha Lowdown!

We kick off with Jeremiah Crane backstage with Ivelisse, with Crane finally revealing to Ivelisse that he’s in love with Catrina, her opponent for tonight. Ivelisse tells Crane that she doesn’t need him, and she’ll deal with Crane after she’s done with Catrina. She even delivered a superkick to Crane for good measure.Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Into the temple, and we have the first match of Part II of Ultima Lucha Tres: a Unique Opportunity Battle Royal! Joey Ryan, The Mack, and The Rabbit Club were among those in the ring, and the last entrant introduced was none other than the returning Pimpinela Escarlata! We see Vinny Massaro eliminated by Worldwide Underground members PJ Black and Ricky Mandel, while the Rabbit Club took out Son of Madness. A huge elimination saw Mascarita Sagrada take out both Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro. Pimpinela and Sagrada ousted all of the Rabbit Club, but Pimpinela ended up eliminating himself while taking out another competitor. With Sagrada out, it was down to the WU members and The Mack, who eliminated both WU members for the win!

Out comes Dario Cueto, “El Jefe,” who tells Mack that he will receive a Trios Championship match due to his victory. However, like all of Cueto’s “Unique Opportunities,” there’s a price: Cueto will choose Mack’s partners, and they are none other than Killshot and Dante Fox–the same men who KILLED each other last week! Oh, and the title match is next week. Oh boy.Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Next up, the match fans (myself especially) have been waiting for:  Ivelisse vs Catrina! This match was a year in the making, though, it was actually longer than that, as Catrina has been a thorn in Ivelisse’s side dating back to the first Ultima Lucha! It was after Catrina cost Ivelisse against Taya at Ultima Lucha Dos that Ivelisse laid out the challenge, which Catrina accepted. This is Ivelisse’s first match back in months, while it’s the first time that Catrina has ever competed in the temple. The sinister siren brought the fight to Ivelisse in very violent fashion, which included Catrina hiding out in Cueto’s office and ambushing Ivelisse with not one, but TWO glass bottles to Ivelisse’s head. Even covered in blood, Ivelisse was not deterred, and she delivered an onslaught that sent her running back to the ring!

Even Catrina’s double underhook finisher was not enough to take down Ivelisse, prompting Catrina to unleash the very stone she uses to control Mil Muertes. Ivelisse took the stone out of her possession, leading to a tug of war for the weapon. Ivelisse wins that battle, and strikes Catrina to pick up the pinfall victory! Three years of redemption was awarded to Ivelisse, as she finally defeated someone who had been plaguing her for so long. It was at that moment that Jeremiah Crane resurfaced and attacked Ivelisse with a hammer, and later striking one of Ivelisse’s previously injured ankles in the process!

At long last, the main event is underway: Fenix vs Marty The Moth in a Mask vs Hair contest. This has been building for so long; solely based on Marty’s long and documented obsession with ring announcer Melissa Santos. Fenix catching Melissa’s eye has made Marty more unbalanced than he already is, causing him to develop another obsession:  removing Fenix’s mask. Fenix agreed to put his mask on the line, but only if Marty risks his hair, and this match is underway. Of course, Mariposa is always a wild card, and she got involved early as she hooked the leg of the Triple Crown champion. She got involved again as she thwarted Fenix’s aerial attempt, but her brother failed to get the pinfall. Not only that, we see Fenix take out both siblings with a high flying attack, and apparently, that set off Mariposa to the point where she flipped off Marty and walked off, leaving Marty on his own!

Taken aback by his sister’s abandonment, Marty slipped on his own two feet, but got back in the fight. He decided not to waste time and decided to try to tear Fenix’s mask, prompting an angry Fenix to fight back. Marty delivered a vicious assault to his opponent, which included sending him to a turnbuckle that Marty exposed earlier, much to Melissa’s immense dismay. Despite the punishment, Fenix kicked out and stayed in this match, later delivering a modified cutter to Marty. Fenix continued to fight off and kick out of everything Marty delivered to him, but every shot was countered by his opponent. We later see Fenix deliver a Springboard from the top rope, but even THAT wasn’t enough to take down Marty! The combatants fought back-and-forth, even with Fenix weakening and bleeding still. After Marty’s latest pin attempt was unsuccessful, he went to the lunchbox and took out a pair of scissors, and it was at that moment that Melissa attempted to appease Marty to save Fenix. Marty brought Melissa into the ring, and received a slap for good measure. Not only that, Melissa delivered a Mason Crosby-like kick between Marty’s uprights, and that led Fenix to victory–with both Fenix and Melissa covering Marty!

Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Marty got out of the ring looking to renege on the bet, and he joined his sister upstairs. However, Mariposa struck her brother with a chair, and later handcuffed her brother to the bannisters! We now see Mariposa assisting Melissa with her brother’s humiliation:  having his hair cut off in front of all of the Believers! All Marty could do was just sit and take it, as Fenix and Melissa cut and shaved Marty’s hair, leaving him embarrassed, broken, and furious!

Ultima Lucha Tres continues next week!!! Until then!

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