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WWE: Hell In a Cell Predictions


This Sunday WWE goes to Hell in Detroit Michigan at the brand new Little Caesars arena for Hell in a Cell. This is the smackdown brands exclusive Pay-per-view how will it stand up to the Raw Brands No Mercy where we had two WrestleMania caliber matches and a very surprising title change. We won’t know the answer to that until Sunday but here are the matches, lets break them down and see who will make it out of Hell and who will go down in flames.

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

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This will be the third instalment in this rivalry, the quote on quote rubber match which in all honesty there rivalry could be watched in about 20 seconds. At Summer Slam Orton won with an rko ten seconds after the match started then on Smackdown Live Rusev won with a kick to the face after a distraction and nine seconds into the match. So hopefully this match will go somewhere because both men are very talented performers and together they could put on one hell of a show.

My Prediction: Randy wins


Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

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This will be Roodes debut on pay per view on the main raster and he is going up against a man who as of late has been disrespecting the greats of WWE history by impersonating their entrances and saying all they had was a flashy entrance and no in ring skill. This new gamic of his won’t last long and neither will this feud with Roode. It seems like if you come from NXT your starting feud is with Ziggler and you always win.

My Prediction: Roode wins


United States Champion AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

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After weeks of interference and cheap shots Corbin will get his one on one shot at Styles’ United States Championship. Corbin has been determined to redeem himself after being one of only a hand full of people to cash in his money in the bank and lose to Jinder Mahal. He has interfered in Tye Dillinger’s attempts to win the title so that he could be the one to take Styles title from him.

My Prediction: Styles retains


SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Usos (Hell in a Cell Match)

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As much as I despise the new days gimic and I believe that it has become stale, there is no denying that when the New Days steps into the ring with the Usos that their matches are one of the best, if not the best match, on the card for the night. The past matches have been full of high spots and false finished and amazing moves but now you add the element of the Hell in a Cell and this could be a match of the year contender. Inside the cell there will be no numbers game for the New Day. There will only be two of them in the cell which the Usos will turn into the Usos Penitentiary and tear the house down. But will the Usos prevail or will the New Day reign supreme inside the Devils Playground known as Hell in a Cell?

My Prediction:  the New Day retains


SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

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After taking close to a month off to be with her dad during his recent severe medical scare where they feared the worst, Charlotte Flair maid her triumphed return to Smackdown Live where she laid out the challenge to Natalya for her Championship but before any decision was maid GM Daniel Bryan told Flair that this is the land of opportunity and she must earn her shot at the title in a multi women match that night. Flair went onto win the match that night to become the number one contender to the title. Whether Natalya retains her title or Flair wins the title yet again we must not forget about the unknown variable in Carmella and her Money in the Bank Contract to be used anywhere any time.

My Prediction: Flair wins the Women’s Title yet again


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

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Since their first meeting at Summer Slam where they had very anti climatic match Mahal as slung nothing but threats and racial biased insults towards Nakamura even getting to the level where WWE had to issues an official statement apologizing and having Mahal somewhat apologize on air without damaging his heel charter. Over the last two weeks however their rivalries have become more violent where two weeks ago Mahal was going on another one of his rants about Nakamura’s crazy facial expressions and showed what he thought was a still picture but turned out to be a live video, then Nakamura came to the ring and attacked Mahal and the Sings leaving them laying in the ring. Then this week Mahal returned the favor and blindsided Nakamura in the ring. This rivalry has been very one-sided promo wise do to Nakamuras limited English and putting the title on him without a manager would make it very difficult to get a believable feud going. On the other hand, WWE hates having to issues official statements it makes them look bad and that could fall on the superstar how was in the wrong so that promo may cost Mahal.

My Prediction: Mahal will retain


Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens (Hell in a Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match)

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This match is as preanial as it can get and has been building for months since Owens came over from raw. Owns believes Shane has been screwing him out of title opportunity’s anytime he defends or attempts to win the title. Shane has denied the allegations and as it looks he is right every time Owens had lost it was his fault not Shane’s and to prove it Shane even let Owens pick his own ref for his title match with styles where he picked Corbin and then Corbin left the ring side area so Shane took over and of cores owns lost. The next week owns called out Shane a verbally ran down his entire family in front of Shane even saying his kids would have been better off if he had died in the helicopter crash and that set Shane off and he beat down Owens. After the refs separated the two owns said he was going to sue Shane, all the McMahons and all WWE after these comments Shane was suspend by Mr. McMahon and it was announced that he would be on Smackdown live the next week. The next week Mr. McMahon reinstated Shane and made the match for hell in a cell and after that owns made Mr. McMahon promise to him that he could beat a McMahon senseless and not be fired and after they shook on it Owens head butted Mr. McMahon busting his head open the fallowed it up with a frog splash. After this week’s Smackdown it’s been changed from a regular hell in a cell match to a fall count anywhere hell in a cell match which can lead to only one thing and that is some big spots and the cell will be broken out of.

My Prediction: Owens wins


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