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OTOGH: Rangers From Rollercoaster To Funhouse

The Ranger roller coaster has come to a stop. I am glad it is over. It was not a fun ride. The Rangers have made some mistakes, which at times made the roller coaster too scary and not fun. The Rangers have recently let go of their bullpen coach Brad Holman while it would be easy to blame the bullpen coach its not like he had a lot to work with. Its no ones fault for Sam Dyson’s break down, however that being said it is almost certainly Jon Daniels and Jeff Bannister and others in Ranger management for once again, killing another closer. There is almost a superstitious air when naming a new closer even now I don’t want to type that Alex Claudio could be the new closer after Matt Bush and his 100 mph fastball couldn’t fill the closer’s shoes, Claudio stepped in and was wonderful. I love him in the role but argue do we call him the closer and if that is done will he be Neftali Feliz, Shawn Tolleson or Sam Dyson. I would hate to do that to such a wonderful pitcher. But blaming the bullpen coach seems like an easy way out. When there is so much more involved in the process.

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One of the other mistakes the Rangers have made is giving too many chances to those who are not performing; case in point, Mike Napoli. I said from the very beginning that bringing back Napoli to the Rangers was a mistake and even I couldn’t have predicted his beyond lackluster performance. This time the Ranger are going to make the correct decision and let Napoli go and in reality there was already some problems between Napoli and Rangers’ manager Jeff Bannister as reported from Star Telegram writer Jeff Wilson during the last month of the season during a press conference there was talk of Napoli’s ankle and Nap said he was fine and in the line up and Jeff Bannister said in the media room that he was not. Awkward silence and then Napoli’s last appearance was September 14, With Napoli having just a one year deal I don’t see Bannister picking Napoli up for another year.

Image result for andrew cashner rangersWhile, normally I have concerns about bringing back players who have been injured as is the case for Carlos Gomez I am a fan, but more than that, I just think he owns center field. He gives all to his team and it shows in the way he plays. This kind of fire is great for the Ranger organization and I hope they bring him back.

Another player I would like to see back is Ranger starting pitcher Andrew Cashner, I almost want to apologize to Cashner, I had hoped when he had come to Texas he would have gotten away from the lack of run support problems he had when he was in San Diego but the Rangers bat did not help him in his first four outings. That being said I am hopeful that the Rangers and Cashner can make a deal as he would be a wonderful addition to the team.

During The Off-season The Rangers Need To Make Some Tough Decisions

Nomar Mazara a great bat but a slow outfielder. Is he someone we keep or give one of our other and quite plentiful outfielders an opportunity?

Joey Gallo, home run hitter lots of strikeouts but you forgive to watch one of his moon shots. Joey has proven himself as a fielder, and I like him at first. He needs training to properly play that position but his size and flexibility its a great place for himImage result for joey gallo

Austin Bibens- Dirkx which I will call ABD from now on, is he a started or in the bullpen? Who knows if the Rangers need to make him a starter. I like him in the role and with his age the Rangers need to make the decision quickly.

Matt Bush: after his failed attempt at the closer role, there has been talk of making him a starter and I don’t like that all, I like him in an 8th inning set up role.

The Rangers are going to need a starter and no I do not think Yu Darvish is coming back, I think Darvish is going to get a huge contract that the Rangers can not pay.
There is a new Japanese hot player Shohei Ohtani the Rangers have already flown to japan to check him out he can hit and pitch my fear is that the Rangers are going to move heaven and earth to get him and that is going to be a mistake. It will tie up funds which would be better served on getting a legit closer and another starter.

With a few smart moves and good closer and another starter I believe the Rangers could be a contender come 2018.

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