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SABERmetrics Special: The Final Leaders

The 2017 regular season is in the books, and now time for the postseason! Now there is no more “wait and see” when it comes to statistics for players in the regular season, its all final. This article will explore the leaders in a number of statistical categories in both leagues. Some of these statistical categories will greatly influence who wins season awards like MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young etc.

These are all categories covered in previous articles. They will cover: WAR, OBP, OPS, BABIP, FIP, WHIP, UBR, UZR, DRS and K%. These of course are not all the metrics that stats lovers use, but these are a decent number of them. Each category will feature the top five in each one. The only stat that will be separate the leagues is WAR, so the top five WAR players in the NL and AL will be in their own category. All other lists are the top five in all of baseball.

A special shoutout to fangraphs for the information.


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Anthony Rendon (6.9), Giancarlo Stanton (6.9), Kris Bryant (6.7), Joey Votto (6.6), Charlie Blackmon (6.5)


Aaron Judge (8.2), Jose Altuve (7.5), Mike Trout (6.9) Jose Ramirez (6.6), Francisco Lindor (5.9)


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Joey Votto (.454), Mike Trout (.442), Aaron Judge (.422), Justin Turner (.415), Tommy Pham (.411)


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Mike Trout (1.071), Aaron Judge (1.049), Joey Votto (1.032), Giancarlo Stanton (1.007), Charlie Blackmon (1.000)


Mike Trout (181), Aaron Judge (173), Joey Votto (165), Jose Altuve (160), Giancarlo Stanton (156)

UBR (Ultimate Base Running)

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Xander Bogaerts (6.3), Alcides Escobar (5.6), Elvis Andrus (5.0), Corey Seager (4.8), Kris Bryant (4.8)


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Avisail Garcia (.392), Charlie Blackmon (.371), Jose Altuve (.370), Tommy Pham (.368), Tim Beckham (.365)


Chris Sale (2.45), Corey Kluber (2.50), Stephen Strasburg (2.72), Max Scherzer (2.90), Jimmy Nelson (3.05)


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Corey Kluber (0.87), Max Scherzer (0.90), Clayton Kershaw (0.95), Chris Sale (0.97), Stephen Strasburg (1.02)


Chris Sale (36.2%), Max Scherzer (34.4%), Corey Kluber (34.1%), Robbie Ray (32.8%), Clayton Kershaw (29.8%)

UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating)

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Mookie Betts (20.5), Andrelton Simmons (15.5), Anthony Rendon (13.6), Yasiel Puig (12.1), Alex Gordon (11.5)

DRS (Defensive Runs Saved) 

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Andrelton Simmons (32), Mookie Betts (31), Byron Buxton (24), Tucker Barnhart (21), Nolan Arenado (20)

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