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The Pinstripe Post; Yankees Regular Season Review

I have a Facebook Yankees group that I maintain photo albums in, among the regular features we provide fans. The other day, I decided to create a “2017 Season Memories” album. As I was going through the 6000+ images in my photo gallery and adding to the new album, I got many laughs and shed a couple of tears and definitely a warm feeling in my heart. The 2017 Yankees are truly special for many reasons.

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No other teammates aged 25 or younger have combined for more home runs.

The amazing. The records broken. Judge doing Judge things by breaking records and being so childlike in interviews. Who would have ever thought that we’d have a new rookie home run king in him? Or a Home Run Derby champion? Who sheepishly grins while being interviewed and detracts the attention he so deserves and places it on his team? Gary Sanchez breaking the Yankees catcher home run record. Yes his defense has been questioned and could improve. It’s his first full year in the bigs. He’ll improve. This duo will be feared for years to come. No other teammates aged 25 or younger have combined for more home runs. (85) Then there is our mad tweeter and class clown, Didi, who broke the Yankees short stop home run record set by… yes you guessed it… Derek Jeter. 

The walk-offs… “Little Toe” Torryes with his first, rounding the bases and fist pumping all the way, Gardner in Chicago, Clint Frazier, the spectacular moments that these kids and veterans will cherish forever. Image result for derek jeter day at yankee stadium

Who can forget the comeback against Baltimore? I can because I got disgusted that night and went to sleep. Learned my lesson about that the hard way. Down 9-1, the Yankees mounted an epic comeback to win. I woke up to my game chat with hundreds of messages and a Yankee improbable victory. This team doesn’t quit.

The sad… Derek Jeter Day, held on Mother’s Day which he chose. We got to witness possibly the best loved Yankee player of all time on the field again, have his number retired, monument unveiled and listen to his great speech, surrounded by his former teammates, family and fans. Truly a beautiful ceremony and historical day done in true Yankee style. A few tears were shed by this fan, but I’m just very happy that I got to witness Derek’s entire career. 

The brawl… No one likes fights, but the game against Detroit that spurred three fights, ejections and suspensions showed how the boys stick together. One of the funniest pictures of the season was DRob sprinting out of the bullpen to join his teammates. Who would have thought Image result for Aaron Hicks robbinghe’s an Olympic-grade 100 yard dash man? 

The defensive plays made. Aaron Hicks robbing two possible grand slams. Judge excelling with the glove. Gardy has the most defensive runs saved in MLB for a left fielder at 17. Didi and Castro and when he played, Toe. Ellsbury’s catch that resulted in a concussion. Headley being moved to first base and making the transition easily. 

The pitching. That was my biggest concern going into 2017. Many questions on the staff. However, the Yankees pitching has outperformed expectations. Finishing in 5th overall in MLB with a team ERA of 3.72, they are tied for first in MLB with a BAA of a measly 228. Severino finished the regular season with an ERA of 2.98 while his teammate, 36 year old CC Sabathia had an unbelievable season.

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