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The Effects Of The New NBA Rules

On Thursday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the NBA Board of Governors approved a new rule about draft lottery reform and players resting.

He noted that the lottery system meant to curb tanking would take effect come the 2019 NBA draft. One important detail in this announcement is that the team with the worst record will no longer have the best odds to get the 1st overall pick. Wojnarowski further explained what the odds of landing the NO. 1 draft pick would look like in this tweet he sent out shortly after the announcement.

The only no vote came from the Oklahoma City Thunder, while the Dallas Mavericks abstained. Earlier this month, NBA commissioner Adam Silver pushed for a new rule stating that teams should get fined for being fined if they sat healthy players in nationally televised games or more than one healthy starting players in regular-season games. Silver will have discretionary authority in fining teams for resting healthy players and teams will be encouraged to do the same during home games if they feel the need to do so. Another element of this new rule is that rested players must be present on their respective team’s benches. Silver could fine teams up to $100,000 for violating these new rules.

Portland Trailblazers coach Terry Stotts reacted to the new rule of teams tanking and player rest, by saying these rules were for the better of the game. “I think the league really looked hard at what would be the right solution,” said Stotts. “I think Adam Silver, his judgement is impeccable and his discretion and I think there is an obligation for healthy players to play. I understand the whole rest concept. I also think the rule is made for a handful of teams. Even though obviously it’s for the entire league, I think there were a handful of teams that did that that effected national TV games, in particular. I think it’s probably good for the game.”

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy told reporters that the best way to discourage teams from intentionally giving away their seasons is to get rid of the draft entirely. He also said that rookies coming into the league should be free agents. Furthermore, Van Gundy believes that his idea would not lead to rookies going to certain teams while creating more disparity within the NBA. In June, Steph Curry signed a max contract deal worth over $200 million and Van Gundy suggested getting rid of those kind of contracts as he believes that is the reason so-called ‘super-teams’ form.

There has to be incentives for real competition in the NBA. The fact that the NBA regular season has meant almost nothing in recent years is a slap in the face to fans coming out to games. I have said this before, when the Cavaliers go to Los Angeles, it’s not that Cleveland has to play LeBron James for all 48 minutes of a game, but he should play half of the game at the least. Making it harder for teams to tank isn’t good, it is great for the game. The NBA has tons of individual talent, Ben Simmons with the 76ers, Devin Booker with the Suns and D’Angelo Russell just to name a few. What did these teams have in common last season? Neither made the playoffs and their collective records were 78-168 and Russel’s new team the Brooklyn Nets record was 20-62 last season. Staying with individual talent, Phoenix, LA and Philadelphia have other good players who are not as well-known but if developed well, these three teams can easily win more than 78 games.

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The NBA is largely focused among a few teams, the Warriors, Rockets, Thunder and Cavaliers, but other teams have something to offer to general NBA fans that is worth watching. The sky is the limit for the talent that comprises today’s NBA, but the test facing the league is for the fans to see what I call this individual talent and to gain traction besides the usual stars that make the highlights most nights. The league thrives with competition, fans breath competition, but the league tried to fix something that wasn’t broke and that is the reason it has come down to this.

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