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The Pinstripe Post; And Down The Stretch They Come…

I wrote a piece with the same title a couple of months ago, which you can read here. Contrasted it to horse racing. The Yankees in the stretch run with the handicapping being to win, place or show.

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This team has ended up in second place in the east. Cash your place tickets for now, but in post-season play I’m holding mine until the head of the stretch. I’ll put my money on the head of Judge, with Gary, Didi and Gardy coming around the bend and Chapman closing. This combination along with Bird being the word since he came off the DL, Castro, Hicks, Ells and then the lights out Green and Dellin… Hmmm. I’m cashing in on a winner.

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This team. Who would have ever thought? We’ve been through the ups and downs this year. We’ve saddled up and rode it out. The thrilling, the record breaking, the funny, the heart breaking. We fell out a few times. But we got right back up and rode it out to the second to the last game of the year. The 2017 New York Yankees. Where we go from here is up to you. Whether we trot or gallop,I thank each and every one of you for the ride! My money is on a winning ticket.

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