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The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part I)

Welcome to Part One of Four of The Ultima Lucha Lowdown, which will recap the first night of the highly anticipated Ultima Lucha Tres!

The lovely Melissa Santos welcomes us to Ultima Lucha Tres, hard to believe that it’s the third edition already! And how fitting that this event will take us into October, coinciding with MLB’s postseason! And at long last, we are underway with the very first match: Famous B vs Texano! Now, Famous B is still sporting a broken arm, and of course, like the slick item he is, he talked to Dario Cueto, who gave him a partner in this match: Dr. Wagner Jr! Of course, Wagner is doing all of the work; B is looking to have Texano as his client, and he’ll get that with a win. B finally gets in after Texano is weakened, but it doesn’t last long, as Texano fights back! The Beautiful Brenda provided a distraction, and that allowed Famous B to get the roll up on Texano! Texano is now the client of Famous B, per the stipulation!

Next up is Night One’s main event: Killshot vs Dante Fox in a Hell of War match! It all comes down to this; a rivalry between two soldiers and brothers in arms that has been brewing for so long. It’s a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match, but it’s not like any other! The first fall is competed under First Blood rules, and both men are wasting no time looking to make each other bleed! Of course this whole thing stems from Fox’s belief that Killshot left him to die in battle, and he has spent several months unleashing a violent payback towards his fellow soldier, which included that massive dive towards Killshot with a chair! He also has some sinister plans involving a pane of glass, and he just set the glass on two chairs, making a makeshift glass table for Killshot to go through, and he does just that! Killshot’s back draws blood due to the shards of glass, giving Fox the first fall!

The second fall is underway, a No DQ match, but Killshot is bleeding BADLY all over his back! Despite this, Killshot put up a valiant fight against Fox, needing to do so to stay alive in this Hell of War contest! Fox kicked out of Killshot’s onslaught, but that prompted Killshot to toss his foe into a board of barbed wire!!! This even shocked referee Rick Knox, who made the three count in Killshot’s favor after a finisher! It’s all even at one, meaning the third and final fall is necessary: Medical Evac!

The third fall is underway, Medical Evac! The rules are similar to that of an Ambulance Match, the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent to the point that you can easily place in a military ambulance. To say that both men are worse for wear is an understatement; BOTH men with blood covering their backs! Killshot delivers a devastating move to Fox, and later straps him to the gurney; all he has to do is put him in the ambulance. A defiant Fox fights back and manages to free himself from the gurney, and the fight marches on! Both men take the fight to the perch where the band usually plays, where Fox is using an amp cord to strangle Killshot. Killshot later grabbed a bottle and smashed it on Fox’s head, causing him to fall through a glass table! Silence hits the arena, as Vampiro wonders if Fox is even alive! Killshot later picked up Fox and placed him in the ambulance, and he wins the match, though neither look like winners in such a brutal fight.

Ultima Lucha Tres continues next week, as Ivelisse returns to face Catrina, marking Catrina’s very first match after three years of LU! Also, a Unique Opportunity Battle Royal will take place, and the main event will be Fenix vs Marty The Moth in a Mask vs Hair match!!! Until next week!

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