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Smack Down aired live from Glendale, Arizona this week as a video recap began the show, reminding WWE fans of the most interesting feud currently on any show, Shane McMahon versus Kevin Owens. Owens was first to appear in the ring afterwards & called out Shane McMahon. Shane did not appear, but Owens went on to say that he respects & even likes Vince McMahon. He then followed that by saying, “Shane you saw what I did to a man that I actually respect & like, so imagine what I’ll do to a man that I don’t.”

Sami tried to help Kevin here, but to no avail. In fact, his appearance brought to light many of his own shortcomings in WWE. However, Daniel Bryan made this match between Zayn & Owens the main event of the evening. I will never get sick of the matches between these two. The chemistry that both have on the mic & in the ring between each other is special. They know each other so well that the result, well speaks for itself:

Great visuals at the end of this match with Owens going through the range of emotions then “snapping” as Zayn put it earlier. Throwing Sami at Shane with the chair around his neck was pretty unique, but if you’re thinking “Man, where have I seen that powerbomb on the ring apron before?” then here’s your answer:

Ahh, the good old days at NXT. Nice to see some things never change. Anyways, the heat is really building in the Shane/Owens feud & next week will be one final opportunity for the two to raise the bar even higher before Hell In A Cell.


Jinder Mahal continued his racist tirade on Shinsuke Nakamura, in nearly in the exact same fashion. I say nearly because this week, Shinsuke would have the last laugh.

Hopefully, that angle is now over but we still have one more episode until Hell In A Cell. Moving on….


In other international superstar news, September 26 was declared Rusev Day by the mayor of his hometown in Bulgaria. This was, of course, due to his incredible victory of Randy Orton last week. Even Aiden English was lucky enough to be a part of “Pride of Bulgaria” celebration in Glendale:

I thought this was a pretty entertaining segment by everyone involved & I kind of hope there is some sort of sequel next week!


One segment I don’t want to see next week is Dolph Ziggler in his feigned identity crisis. Dolph portrayed The Undertaker this week & hopefully, due to a “glorious” interruption, we won’t see this angle from Dolph any longer:

The Hell In A Cell card is building up pretty nicely. Next week, we should have a concrete lineup of matches to look forward to. I’m pretty excited to see what the go home episode of Smack Down looks like before Hell In A Cell.


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