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3 Impacts From Impact

The last Impact before Victory Road is in the books!! Who had the biggest breakout moments? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Johnny Impact lived up to his surname and made an impact by putting his #1 Contendership on the line against KM to start the show. He was looking for Eli Drake, but ended up with KM instead, and he later defeated KM to hold on to his title opportunity. But his night wasn’t done. Johnny later found himself face to face with Texano, who got involved in Fantasma and Pagano’s match against EC3 and Eddie Edwards, which led to Johnny putting his contendership on the line against him! Now Texano proved more formidable, but in the end, Johnny pulled out a victory. He competed twice, and put his title shot on the line both times, and won! Now Johnny only has Eli Drake and the GFW Title in mind.

We saw Knockout warfare heading into Victory Road as well, as following her victory over Ava Storie, Taya Valkyrie proclaimed that she wants the Knockouts Championship. At that moment, Rosemary appeared and confronted Taya–who took out the Demon Assassin in her debut–and staked her claim to the title. This led to a brawl, which later involved Sienna, Allie, Taryn Terrell, and Gail Kim. Battle lines were drawn in the process, and when the villainous Knockouts entered Karen Jarrett’s office and demanded a match against their heroic counterparts, Karen acquiesced. Next week’s Victory Road will see Sienna, Taya, and Taryn face off against Gail Kim, Rosemary, and Allie. This will be a very interesting match, and it will most likely set the tone for the Knockouts as Bound For Glory grows closer.

Speaking of Bound For Glory, it was officially announced that the prestigious event will take place in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. This will only mark the second time that BFG emanated from outside the US; it was in 2014 that BFG took place in Japan. One has to believe that Impact’s Canadian stars, especially Knockouts Taya, Gail, and Rosemary, would get huge pops, and many would believe that Gail would get what is referred to as the “Trish Stratus” treatment. This is in reference to Trish Stratus’ retirement from WWE in 2006, which ended with her winning her seventh and final Women’s Championship in her last match in her native Toronto. Bound For Glory will take place on November 5.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Victory Road is coming; until then!

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