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Smack Down was live from Oakland, California this week & was the site for a returning Shane McMahon. Shane appeared at the beginning of the show, to address Kevin Owens after his vicious attack on Shane’s father last week. The segment was somewhat necessary, but Shane’s execution on his monologue left much to be desired & seem to fall flat (to me anyways):

For what appears to be the #1 feud on Smack Down, this week was a valley in comparison to the peaks over the last 2 weeks. Owens was interviewed later in the show via satellite & did his best to save the momentum to Hell in a Cell…

Those 2 videos best illustrate how much of a visible contrast there is between Kevin & Shane as performers. It’s night & day. In the future, one thing that Kevin can focus on getting better at would be….ironing shirts.  Or at least spend a couple bucks & have someone iron that shirt for you Kevin. I’m only nitpicking because the guy is a phenomenal talent & there isn’t much else you can knock him for.


Charlotte Flair made a triumphant return this week, only to have the spotlight stolen from her by Natalya. Then Becky Lynch. Then Naomi. Then Lana & Tamina. Then Daniel Bryan. Poor Charlotte…

Charlotte did, however, make the most of the opportunity she was given & proved to be prophetic in the declaration of her title aspiration.  She was able to come out on top in the Fatal 4 way match, tonight’s main event:

Logic would tell you that Natalya should be able to defend the title once against Charlotte, before the belt ultimately switches hands. I think Charlotte gets it done the first time though. Nattie has always been a team player & she’s been a forgettable champion already. I think WWE has a vision for Survivor Series that would showcase Charlotte as the champion. I firmly believe that no matter the outcome at Hell in a Cell, these two competitors will have another incredible match!


The rest of the evening was uneventful for the most part. A.J. Styles never began his match with Baron Corbin, as Tye Dillinger interfered before the bell rang. This should lead us to a Triple Threat United States title match at Hell in a Cell between these 3 competitors. New Day defeated the Hype Bros & the Hype Bros were filmed backstage discussing drastic changes moving forward.

Stop me if you become interested.

Randy Orton faced Aiden English in a match & was able to win by, get this, unexpectedly landing an RKO on English from guess where?  Yep, in the ring. I really wish the announcers were allowed not to say “RKO Outta Nowhere” in the future. That was an non-capitalized viral movement, what…4 years ago? I get that the guy doesn’t have much else to his character anymore, but that whole storyline with Bray Wyatt last year at least generated interest. The booking team even thought it would be a good idea for Randy to face Rusev immediately following his match against English:

AND LOSE VIA SUPERKICK?! This future Hall of Famer was your WWE Champion literally less than 4 months ago.  Who on earth did he piss off to lose to Jinder freaking Mahal on multiple occasions? Then go onto matches against Rusev & Aiden English? WTF, I feel bad for Randy. I know those checks still look good, but think of how you want to be remembered.

Speaking of Jinder Mahal, the WWE champion continued his racist profiling banter this week against not only Shinsuke Nakamura but also the Asian community as a whole. The champion used still pictures of Shinsuke to laugh at him & negative stereotypes associated with many Asians. This was disgraceful & unnecessary, as even the crowd chanted at one point “THAT’S TOO FAR!” WWE needs to rethink their strategy in this feud moving forward. Don’t hide behind the facade of that old notion that because “he’s the heel it’s so despicable that he would say those things!” Your audience that actually subscribes to the WWE network is not naive. Also, don’t try to be ambiguous by having Mahal interject with statements like “See?  Your laughter just confirms your xenophobia.” Then continue his race bashing.  That’s like when people say “No offense, but….(something offensive).” That doesn’t indemnify you whatsoever. WWE did not post the video to their YouTube site & rightfully so. The segment should have been killed last week, before it ever made air.

You’re better than that WWE. Trust me, I watch you pat yourself on the back as much as possible for your charitable involvements with Susan G.Komen & Connor’s Cure, etc. Also with your armed services work, both domestic & abroad. I’m not even mentioning many other contributions like visiting sick children in local hospitals, playing a major role in Make-A-Wish, & speaking engagements with young kids around live events. My point is, you can’t have an all-inclusive type image for some many international superstars & allow this level of negative stereotyping to hit your broadcast waves in consecutive weeks. Seems like this company only wants to act like a publicly traded company when it’s convenient for them.


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