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3 Impacts From Impact

An explosive and unforgettable Impact is in the books! What moments stood out above the rest? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Bobby Lashley announced to Jim Cornette that he wants his release from GFW so he can return to MMA, with America’s Top Team at his side. Though Cornette was disappointed in Lashley’s decision, and upset that he would allow himself to be seen with Dan Lambert, he did allow the former World Champion one last chance to settle things with Moose. Lashley did just that, but not on his own, as his MMA buddies got involved and delivered a beat down to Moose. I’m still wondering where this is going, and with Bound For Glory scheduled to take place in the first Sunday in November (a first for Impact), it’s going to be a long wait for us fans to find out what America’s Top Team will be doing at the prestigious event.

Johnny Impact and Low Ki faced off in a #1 Contender’s Match, which was the result of Low Ki continuing to vent over not receiving a fair shot at the World Title. Alberto El Patron’s suspension made Low Ki a victim of circumstance, and after he was defeated in the battle royal, he and LAX have had an axe to grind with Jim Cornette. Johnny Impact went on to win the match and become #1 Contender, so that axe has become sharper. Meanwhile, the new challenger was on the receiving end of an assault by both Eli Drake and Chris Adonis, and it was announced that the title contest will take place on a live Impact on September 28!

Some craziness in the Grand Championship contest between Ethan Carter III and challenger El Hijo de Fantasma, as after three rounds, EC3 retained. That wasn’t the craziness. The craziness came after the match, when Fantasma went after Hector Guerrero, a judge representing AAA, as he expected Hector to rule in his favor. This was followed by Pagano making his GFW debut and joining Fantasma in beating down EC3, which prompted Eddie Edwards to come to EC3’s defense. So what happened here? Did we see a face-heel double turn between Fantasma and EC3? It seems like we did, but EC3 wasn’t happy with Eddie’s presence, especially since the former X Division, Tag Team, and World Champion wanted a shot at the Grand Championship. So regarding the Impact Grand Championship, the plot certainly thickens.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next week!

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