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SABERmetric Sunay: Hosmer’s Impressive Season

Only a few weeks left in the MLB regular season and it is to the point when individual performances can basically be fully evaluated with just two weeks left. There are a number of players we can narrow down to be MVP candidates and likely finalists along with the process of appreciating good performances that may fly under the radar. One player in the American League that continues to fly under the likes of Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve and Francisco Lindor is Eric Hosmer.

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Hosmer has been a key piece of the Royals recent success including their back-to-back pennants and 2015 World Series victory. The 27-year old first baseman was an All Star in 2016 but is having a career year this season in 2017. It has been a weird year for Kansas City as they started off very poorly, got hot mid-season then has fallen back below the .500 mark and are barely alive in the Wild Card race. Within all of the inconsistencies, Hosmer has performed very well. Numbers time.

2017 through 9/16

.391 OBP (3rd in AL) / .902 OPS (7th in AL) / 10.1% BB (29th in AL) / 15.9% K (around middle of qualified batters) / 139 wRC+ (7th in AL) / 1.1 UBR (26th in AL) / -0.2 UZR / 4.1 fWAR (11th in AL)

Hosmer has done a very nice job this season, he has never had an OBP above .353 or an OPS above .822 prior to this season. His season high WAR was 3.4 in 2015 and high wRC+ was 124 that same season. He is going well above what he has done in his career in multiple statistical categories and unfortunately was not an All Star this year. Will he be an MVP finalist? Probably not, there are several players well above him, but he should get credit for having a really good season.

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