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The Lucha Lowdown (September 13, 2017)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

Tonight is the milestone 100th episode of Lucha Underground, and it starts with Worldwide Underground backstage with a surprise for Johnny Mundo–in the form of Ricky Mandel legally changing his name to Ricky Mundo, even showing his ID to prove it. Johnny, of course, was not pleased, saying that there’s only one Mundo in WU. He later stated that their main focus was to defeat Prince Puma’s team in the Atomicos match; but Ricky was still in his own world, believing that Johnny was happy with his ID. So hilarious!

Back in the temple, and Matt Striker has revealed Prince Puma’s partners in the Atomicos match:  Sexy Star, Fenix, and Cage. The Atomicos match kicks off the action, as Team Puma enters first, followed by Worldwide Underground–with Ricky Mandel (who looks so much like X-Pac) continuing to call himself Ricky Mundo. Johnny decided to have Ricky sit on the sidelines for the match, and later introduced his replacement:  Marty the Moth! Of course, Marty and Fenix will face off in a Mask vs Hair match at Ultima Lucha Tres, which will also feature the title contest between Johnny Mundo and Puma, as well as Sexy Star vs Taya in a Last Luchadora Standing Match. Once Cage was tagged in, he was ordered to remove the gauntlet, which he does. During the action, we see Jeremiah Crane take the gauntlet, prompting Cage to chase after him. This left Puma’s side shorthanded, and they ended up falling to Worldwide Underground. We later see Marty pursue and grab Melissa by her hair, only to end up slapped repeatedly by Melissa and on the receiving end of a superkick from Fenix!

Backstage, we see Jeremiah with the gauntlet, and he is presenting it to Catrina. Before he hands it over, Jeremiah demanded a kiss from Catrina, but he is later taken down by Mil Muertes. Cage later apprehended Catrina, and this later resulted in a three way fight between himself, Mil, and Jeremiah–while Dario Cueto took the gauntlet.

Back in the temple, Matt Striker announced that next week, Mariposa and Marty the Moth will team up in a match against Fenix and Melissa Santos. Yes, you read that right; LU’s ring announcer will compete in the ring for the first time next week! As for the action, the last remaining Aztec Medallion is up for grabs, and Pentagon Dark and Dragon Azteca Jr are vying for it. Of course, these two have a very bitter history, as Azteca was among the first members of Pentagon’s arm-breaking ritual. Neither combatant has held the Lucha Underground Championship, but a win would bring one of them closer to competing for that title. In the end, that very win went to Pentagon, and following his victory, he attempted to break the arm of Azteca, only for Matanza to confront him. Cueto stopped his brother from attacking Pentagon, but sent him to go after Azteca, who is Rey Mysterio’s protege. Speaking of Mysterio, he entered and tended to Azteca, with the help of referees and medics. Lost in all of this is that the field of seven is complete, and Pentagon will join Drago, Cortez Castro, Son of Havoc, and all three members of The Rabbit Club in the Gift of the Gods Championship contest.

Mysterio later went after Matanza, and the main event is underway. This dates all the way back to the 2nd Aztec Warfare, where Matanza pinned Rey to capture the Lucha Underground Championship. In the 3rd Aztec Warfare, Matanza’s reign ended when Rey pinned him during the match. As we all recall, Dario intensified this feud when he cost Mysterio the Lucha Underground Championship weeks ago, leading to this main event being made. Mysterio has had the number of Matanza as of late, and it has really affected the massive monster, who has had difficulty taking down Rey in this match. He needed an assist from Dario to beat Rey in the ring, as Dario knocked Rey’s foot off the rope, and he ordered his brother to dismantle Rey, doing so with the use of a chair. The finishing touches came when said chair was placed over Rey’s neck and he was tossed towards the ringpost. TWICE!

Ultima Lucha is two weeks away! That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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