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September Call-Ups For Playoff Pushes

With playoffs beginning, we have a batch of new young guys (many of them pitchers) who could give you the extra boost to get you that title. So here’s the list of guys who could put you over that hump.


Lucas Giolito has been a top prospect for awhile now and is finally been doing well in the majors. Anyone familiar with his work, knows to be cautious though as he’s struggled in the majors, and in the minors. His recent minor league struggles have actually been due to some mechanical changes so I’m buying this breakout. A young pitcher is still a young pitcher, but I think he has the potential to be a mid to low 3.00 era guy, so if he’s available, grab him.

Brandon Woodruff was sent down earlier this year, but not for lack of production. He’s looked really good except for his last start. Don’t let the one blemish scare you, he is a great add to put in a couple more great starts.

Luiz Gohara hasn’t shown much since joining the majors, but his stuff is electric. The only question is his control. He’s one to be careful with but I’m betting on him figuring things out. Unfortunately, it may not be til next year, but if you have the space on your roster, he could be worth an add.

Finally a few last names: If you’re looking for a couple interesting guys, I’d also suggest taking a look at Tyler Mahle, and Jack Flaherty. Both are solid fill ins for down the stretch. I’m also going to make the point to say you can cautiously look at at Tyler Glasnow. His stuff is electric, but last time he was in the majors, it was a disaster. When you look at his minor league numbers, it was crazy how much of a split there was between that and the majors. Over 5 years, he has a 2.02 era and eye popping Ks. His issue has always been walks, YET this last turn in AAA, he made a mechanical change. He’s no longer pitching from the windup – and he was giving up less walks when he made this change. I watched his outing today however, and it was another disaster, but he did appear to more under control. Some of it was due to some bad calls behind the plate, but to be clear, when Glasnow blows up, he BLOWS UP. So unless you need a hail marry, I wouldn’t add him, and DEFINITELY wouldn’t start him on his next outing (if he gets one). But for dynasty, I still don’t think we’ve heard the last of him, so I’d keep an eye on him.



Austin Hays is a very interesting prospect who recently got the call. He absolutely crushed the minors over 2 levels hitting 32 home runs along side a .330 average, yet no one’s been talking about him. This is because he only has 1 season (this season and a small amount of 2016) on his resume. He hasn’t had enough time to be exploited. He’s been really good though, and feels similar to the situation Schwarber was in, where he got rushed. But this speaks to the tools the Orioles must feel this guy has, especially considering their outfield is already fairly strong with Adam Jones, Trey Mancini and Seth Smith. Hays may not get the abs, but the Orioles have a very good track record with developing hitters, so if not this year, Hays is certainly a guy to watch for the future.

Harrison Bader is a guy who probably doesn’t have the upside of Hays, but is more likely to help you now. He recently got called up, and he’s getting the abs. He was only on pace for about a 30/20 season over 162 games in the minors. The speed may not translate as he was caught stealing quite a bit, but he also had a .283 average, so he’s someone who can contribute in a number of places if you need to fill an outfield spot.

So there you go, a handful o pitchers and hitters to keep your eye on and if you make the right move at the right time, it just might mean you can move up a couple spots in a couple categories on your fantasy team now that it is play-of time. Good Luck!




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