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Straight Up Sin City Smack Down

Smack Down was live this week from Sin City!  In case you didn’t know what city that is, it’s because WWE barely mentioned that they were in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. Why? I have no idea, but I would guess that it has something to do with money.  Maybe they just wanted to stay consistent with last week, when they did not mention Sioux Falls one time during the broadcast. In any event, this was a memorable show thanks in large part to Kevin Owens & Mr. McMahon.


Kevin Owens was anticipating Mr. McMahon’s arrival Tuesday night & Owens was shown many times on the show throughout the night. He seemed to feel pretty confident about his destiny to win a lawsuit against WWE & gain control of Smack Down Live….

Pretty funny stuff from Owens. He’s relished this role on Smack Down & seems more comfortable than ever as the attention hungry, know-it-all villain. The beginning of the show included Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler, who added even more levity to the situation on hand….

Priceless. Simply priceless. He’s so good that he actually helped Dolph’s gimmick work for him too. Owens verbal assaults on the announcers remind me of The Rock’s encounters with Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman. Owens brash, truth-in-lies style of dialogue against the WWE has hints of CM Punk in it. But in this next clip, that ended the show, Kevin Owens channeled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Based on my Twitter timeline, I think every fan had the same reaction watching this:

I know fans were concerned that Vince was alright, but most had to be thinking “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!” Well, count me in & take my money.


There were 3 title matches on this show also, as proclaimed a week earlier in the town that shall not be mentioned. The first championship match was for the United States title that pitted A.J. Styles against Tye Dillinger:

I thought these two had a pretty good match, but I would love to see the caliber of match that they could perform when they’re not rushed for TV.  The end of the match resulted in a showdown with Baron Corbin next week for the champ.  I could definitely see the “Perfect 10” becoming involved in that match to spurn a triple threat match at Hell in a Cell.


The 2nd title match actually had a title change! The odds were that 1 title had to change hands tonight, so what’s been more of a hot potato championship on Smack Down than the tag team titles?

If I was in Vegas, I would have made a parlay bet on New Day to win & buttered it with the Hype Bros. losing too. Sometimes it’s just too obvious. Highly unlikely that A.J. would lose to Tye & having Natalya lose to Naomi just makes the champ’s win look like a fluke.  So New Day wins, under the Usos’s choice of match stipulation. On paper, makes them look great. As far as the 2nd part of that hypothetical parlay, you can “bet” that Benjamin & Gable aren’t losing to mid card tag teams any time soon.

They seem destined for bigger things soon. Exactly what that might be is anyone’s guess…


The final title match of the evening featured the aforementioned Naomi versus Natalya, with Ronda Rousey near ringside. Also Carmella & her new pet, James Ellsworth.

Pretty much as expected, but I think that the real story is about Ronda Rousey. She was in the audience during this show, but was really just present to support her friend Shana Baszler in the Mae Young Tournament Finals, immediately following Smack Down Live. Rousey made an appearance a few years ago at Wrestle Mania with The Rock & it seems that WWE has been trying to lure her in ever since. Here are a few comments about Rousey from Triple H & Stephanie McMahon on the red carpet of last night’s event:

Charlotte Flair, Bailey, & Becky Lynch were also approached for comment on a potential involvement by Rousey:

Interesting. But ultimately, what does Rousey think about a WWE career after she “officially” retires from MMA?

Talk is cheap, but it was hard to hear a lot of what was said here. I definitely liked that Rousey deflected questions on her career path, in lieu of of her friend’s shining night. Baszler is a star in the making, but IF Rousey is to sign with WWE…maybe wait until Baszler makes her way. Rousey would overshadow Shana unfairly & I hope WWE shows caution in that respect.


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