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3 Impacts From Impact (Destination X)

An epic and fantastic Destination X is in the books! So many shocking moments occurred, but I can only whittle them down to three, so here they are; my 3 Impacts From Impact!

The biggest Impact came from the returning Jim Cornette; who made his first Impact appearance in about a decade! Following Alberto El Patron being stripped of the GFW World Heavyweight Championship, we were promised an announcement from Bruce Prichard, who had planned to give the title back to the man who lost it to Alberto, none other than Bobby Lashley. It was at that moment that Jim Cornette returned, much to Prichard’s extreme dismay, and he would fire Prichard and make his own announcement regarding the title. Cornette announced that a 20-man Gauntlet Match will take place next week to crown a new champion, and while being confronted by LAX, Cornette informed one-time #1 Contender Low Ki that he will enter at #20. Later on, Cornette informed Eli Drake that he’ll enter at #1. I’m so happy that Cornette is back, and regarding the now fully heel Prichard, I dare say his words that we haven’t seen the last of him may be true.

Honestly, Cornette’s return wasn’t the most surprising one of the evening! Destination X kicked off with Sienna vs Gail Kim for the GFW Knockouts Championship, and Gail was clearly closing in on victory even after taking down KM. At that moment, Taryn Terrell (yes, you read that right) made her return to the renamed GFW and attacked Gail, allowing Sienna to retain! Now I’m not going to lie, they showed her from the back, so when I saw her, I thought it was Kelly Kelly! But it was indeed Taryn Terrell, and I am still surprised to see her back! As we all remember, Gail and Taryn had been bitter rivals for a long while, with the rivalry beginning with the face/heel roles reversed. They first feuded in 2013, which included a memorable Last Knockouts Standing Match that Taryn won over the then-villainous Gail. Their feuded was re-ignited two years later when Taryn was the Knockouts Champion and the evil leader of The Dollhouse, until Taryn’s departure in January 2016. Taryn returned at last year’s Bound For Glory to help induct Gail into the Hall of Fame, and regarding her return, the evil Taryn referenced that in an exclusive video, as she accused Gail of not being there for her lately. It looks like we’ll get one last classic between the two before Gail hangs it up, but beyond that, who knows what will happen? I’m just so happy that Taryn’s back!

Staying on the trend of returns, we saw another epic return in the X Division Championship Ladder Match between champion Sonjay Dutt and challenger Trevor Lee. During the match, Caleb Konley attempted to assist Trevor in winning the title, but he would be taken down by Petey Williams, a former Impact original, with the Canadian Destroyer. Of course, Petey is best known for being part of Team Canada with Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and A-1, with Scott D’Amore as their coach. I loved Team Canada back in the day, so seeing Petey back was a huge treat! Another huge treat was Sonjay winning and retaining, and now we could see a long reign for him–coming after 15 years of attempting to win the title.

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact! Next week is the 20 man Gauntlet Match to crown a new World Champion! Until then!

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