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Just 3 days away from Takeover: Brooklyn 3, we are welcomed in to NXT from Full Sail University.

Contract signing for NXT Woman’s Championship Match

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Ember Moon and Asuka are joined in the ring by William Regal for this signing. Ember Moon starts by showering Asuka with compliments over her title reign, mentioning her breaking Goldberg’s record for longest I undefeated. She states Asuka only made 1 mistake as Champion. That is taking a shortcut to beating her. She said Asuka resorted to pushing a referee to be able to beat her before. Asuka is visibly upset and goes off on a temper tantrum yelling angrily in Japanese before signing the contract. The two stare each other down as Asuka leaves the ring.

Analysis: This did the job to build some heat between these 2 and get people ready for what should be an awesome woman’s title match.

Tag Team match: Street Profits vs Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio

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Sullivan is ready to get the match started against Dawkins of Street Profits when Silvio comes in the ring and runs at Dawkins taking a forearm and the match is underway. Street profits dominate this match and pin Silvio pretty quickly. Sullivan never even got tagged into the match. Winner: Street Profits

After the match Street Profits high tail it up the ramp. Lars was warned by William Regal earlier that he couldn’t beat his partner after the match in the ring as he has been doing. Lars picks up the lifeless body of Silvio and helps him to the back, then out the back door and he rams him into the dumpster.

Analysis: this gimmick is running its course. It’s time to see Lars actually do something either with a decent tag team partner or in singles competition.


Billie Kay vs Ruby Riot

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They start this one off at a slower pace until Riot attempts a series of roll up pins that frustrate Kay. Kay would mount some offense of her own for a bit until Riot hits a few strikes and regains the upper hand. Kay reverses the tide and straps on a submission hold to Riot. Riot is able to escape the hold but damage has been done. Riot is able to regain the upper hand with her premier striking ability. After a hard knee to the face of Kay Riot hits Kay with an inverted kick to the head and gets the pinfall. After the match Peyton Royce gets on the mic and talks smack about Ruby Riots looks and appearance.

Analysis: Riot really needed a win here. She has been taking a lot of close losses and with a win here she now has something she can hopefully build on. Kay looks better and is making some progress but is still a long ways from being even a useful hand.


Drew McIntire vs Roderick Strong

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Some back and forth offense early until McIntire hits a monster Suplex. Strong would soon take advantage of the action and the two men would find themselves outside the ring. Strong running at McIntire but McIntire side steps Strong and tosses him into the ring post. Strong would later regain his composure and lay a back drop on McIntire on the edge of the ring. After some back and forth action Strong has McIntire down in the corner of the ring and he proceeds to kick and stomp McIntire for a solid minute. After some slower offense by strong McIntire gets back into the match with a belly to belly suplex. McIntire would have the better of the action for a while before Strong would hit knee strike to the face of McIntire. Strong goes to the top rope, but is met up there and McIntire head butts Strong. Both men fall and are in tangled in the ropes. Just then Bobby Roode comes out and attacks both men. Result: No Contest.

Roode then hit McIntire with the Glorious DDT and stands mocking over McIntire.

Analysis: good way to build heat before these 2 do battle at Takeover Brooklyn 3. Should be a fun match. Is it time for the Glorious one to make his way up to the main roster?

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