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Summer Slam, Summer Slam.  You’re such a greedy event. The 2nd biggest spectacle of WWE’s year is so jam packed this year that, over the last 2 weeks now, we’ve seen:

1.) Cena vs. Nakamura

2.) Naomi vs. Carmella

3.) Jinder vs. Orton

4.) Jinder vs. Cena


Unreal. The only thing that I can surmise, is that Smack Down is gearing up for some fresh feuds after Summer Slam. Why else would they give away all of these main event worthy matches? Here was how we got to John Cena versus Jinder Mahal tonight:

What a fantastic presentation by WWE. Seriously. I know it wasn’t well received by the audience, in attendance & at home, but the celebration was very well performed. The appearance by Shinsuke was predictable, given the setting. However, I thought Shinsuke would call out Jinder for being a hypocrite of sorts.  Paraphrasing, Jinder has railed the WWE universe for being unaccepting of him as champion because of his heritage. I expected Nakamura to talk about his own heritage & how he IS accepted by the fans. Maybe that is being saved for chapter 2 of this feud? It wouldn’t surprise me.

What did surprise me, was the final moments of tonight’s main event….Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena:

The Singhs were a constant part of Jinder/Cena match…until they were both thrown out! Corbin’s later interference & attempted cash in was evidently thwarted.  The moment was exciting at the attempted cash in, but I have to think that the plans for Corbin changed along the way.  WWE clearly wants to feature Mahal & Nakamura in the title match & I doubt it’s a one and done.  However, if Nakamura is going to fulfill all of these “dream matches”, WWE needs to put the belt on him soon. That would elevate him into the upper echelon, where he could main event pay per views with Owens, Styles, Lesnar, Samoa Joe, etc. But that also probably requires a lengthy title run & with the inevitability of Corbin cashing in now erased, that seems more likely.


We move on to a segment advertised on the show as “A.J. APOLOGIZES.” What? I hated this idea. Not that A.J. being apologetic after last week was the bad idea, I hated that it was advertised as such. It made Styles look very different than the brash superstar that gained popularity on Smack Down.

First of all, let me say that Shane needs to stop with the tanning. This guy had so much internal heat, coupled with the outfit he was wearing & the bright ring lights, that he was sweating profusely. Like it was almost uncomfortable to watch. Like someone who never speaks in public, giving a public speech. Like when someone’s guilty & they know it, but nobody else does yet. That kind of sweating. Plus he looks like Hulk Hogan’s hot dog colored skin from the 80’s at this point. The white hair makes it look even more contrasting. Second, Shane said there was “no apology necessary because it was in the heat of the battle.” What battle? He’s talking about last week when he tried to separate Styles & Owens going at each other then was Pele kicked by Styles. It was hardly a “battle.” Maybe he meant heat of the moment? Third, he stated that he is the special referee because he can absorb contact & get involved if necessary. Well, as you could see its been 2 weeks in a row now that both Styles & Owens have inadvertently assaulted Shane & he has gone down like a sack of potatoes both weeks. Not much different than any other referee that would be in his place. If the real reason is to have a referee that will see the entire match, why not have multiple referees at ringside in case one gets injured?  It’s not like WWE is getting only one match out of their referees now. Anyways, if Shane wanted an apology from Owens (which his character would never grant) he couldn’t now, based on the logic he gave to A.J. about “the heat of the battle.”


Finally, the best moment of the night went to Randy Orton (1:30):

Well shot by WWE also. I wish the match had been more like the match they had a few weeks ago because Gable is really good in the ring. Hopefully he gets better opportunities in the future. As for Orton & Rusev, their match at Summer Slam seems unimportant. I don’t think this feud has any steam to it, even after the RKO outta nowhere.


Thanks for reading & enjoy Summer Slam!

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