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3 Impacts From Impact

The final Impact before Destination X is in the books, and it was chaotic! What action stood out the most on the go-home show! Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

A lasting impact was made in the main event, as Low Ki, Trevor Lee, and Lashley defeated Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, and Alberto El Patron. The main event match was a combination of three top matches set for Destination X, which is centered around Alberto and Low Ki facing off for the World Title. The other two bouts are Sonjay vs Lee for the former’s X Division Championship (which the latter stole), and Lashley vs Sydal in a match dubbed “Shot vs Shot,” as the winner will receive the title shot of their choosing. Regarding the six man match, Low Ki got the pin on Sonjay, which is fitting, considering that Destination X used to be focused on the old “Option C,” the reigning X Division Champion turning the title into a World Title shot.

The program kicked off with Sienna staging a sit-in as she demanded to know who her challenger will be at Destination X. Out came Karen Jarrett, who announced that Sienna will defending her title against none other than Hall of Famer Gail Kim, which prompted a brawl between champion and challenger. Gail being announced as Sienna’s challenger was expected, as Gail stated that she wanted to retire on top, and Destination X would allow Gail to pick up one last title victory. What happens beyond that is up in the air, but this should be a very interesting title bout.

The X Cup Finals is all set, and it will be Dezmond Xavier facing off against Ishimori at Destination X. The go-home Impact featured Ishimori defeating ACH in the second semifinal, setting up the final encounter between himself and Dezmond. The winner gets the X Cup, but one would have to believe that a future X Division Championship opportunity would be on the horizon as well. In any case, I myself am looking forward to this X Cup final!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact!! Until next time, after Destination X!

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