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Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

Image result for Lucha Underground 08/08/2017We kick off things in the temple, as the first three of the seven Aztec Medallions are up for grabs. As announced last week, Worldwide Underground’s PJ Black, Ricky Mandel, and Taya all have a shot at the medallions, and to kick off tonight’s show, they will face off against the Rabbit Club–who are making some sort of impression on Melissa Santos. Of course, as we all know, the seven medallions are part of the Gift of the Gods Championship, which was last held by Johnny Mundo, who turned that title into a Lucha Undeground Championship victory. The amazing thing about the Rabbit Club is that you don’t know what to expect from them, and they proved that when their eccentric ways made a bit of an impression on Taya. Their eccentricities led them to victory, as Paul London’s Shooting Star Press on Mandel gave them the win and three medallions for the trio. The three of them will compete in the seven-way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Following the match, the losing trio was chewed out by Mundo and their agent, with the threat to kick them all out off the group. Mundo stated that all he wanted was to remain LU Champion, which Taya agrees, but the champ threatens to head to greener pastures if his cohorts can’t step it up. Hmmm, interesting. BTW, in case you missed it, Johnny Mundo had a cameo appearance in Sharknado 5 this past Sunday!

Image result for Lucha Underground 08/08/2017The Cueto Cup’s third quarterfinal match got underway, with Mil Muertes facing off against Jeremiah Crane. It actually got started before they entered the ring, as Mil went after Crane at the top of the stairs. After coming back from commercial, Crane was tossed through a wall! Obviously, this is a heated fight, and the reason can be summed up in one word:  Catrina. As we’ve seen for months, Crane has history with Catrina, and that has prompted Mil Muertes to flat out destroy Crane, which has included tossing him towards the announce position. So with all of that, the Cueto Cup is a footnote in this match. Crane’s attempt to set up a table for Mil to go through ended with Mil putting Crane through said table. Despite this, Crane countered Mil’s spear with a submission move, only for the Man of 1000 Deaths to get out of it! The brutal fight continued on, but in the end, Mil Muertes’ Flatliner placed him into the Final Four. In a twist, Catrina gave Crane a kiss instead of her trademark Lick of Death, which prompted Mil Muertes to put Crane down again.

In Dario Cueto’s office, the boss is met by an FBI agent: Winter, who is sent as Mayor Delgado’s replacement. He informed Cueto that Delgado was killed by Cage, and he states that he loves what Cueto has done–calling himself a fan of Pentagon Dark. Oh boy, the plot thickens.

The main event is the fourth and final quarterfinal between Texano and Pentagon Dark. Just as the match was progressing, we see Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda appear at ringside. As we know, the two of them have spent practically an eternity attempting to acquire Texano, only for Texano to turn them down at every turn. He was clearly not pleased to see the two of them appear at ringside, but that did not distract him in the least, as he continued to bring the fight to his ominous opponent. We later see Famous B attempt to hand a horseshoe to Texano, so he could use it as a weapon. However, his shot ended up going to Pentagon Dark, who clocked his opponent and picked up the victory. Famous B thwarted Pentagon Dark’s arm-breaking ritual, only to end up on the receiving end himself, much to the crowd’s delight! He wasn’t done there, as Pentagon Dark decided to re-enter and break Brenda’s arm as well!

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We later see Catrina with Captain Vasquez, who warns her about the Gods coming. Cage’s gauntlet is a gateway for the Gods to return, and it was there that she held up her half of the medallion, while Catrina had the other half. Vasquez offered to give her half to Catrina so she could enlist Mil Muertes to stop the Gods. It would put Vasquez’s immortality at an end; a price she’s willing to pay. Catrina ends the exchange with this shocking quote:  “It looks like we have a deal…Mother.” WOW!!! I was actually close; I actually thought they were sisters, but it turns out that Vasquez is Catrina’s mother; and she gave herself and her daughter immortality!

So the Final Four is set! Fenix, Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, and Pentagon Dark! Hard to tell who the George Mason of that Final Four is. The matches are Fenix vs Prince Puma and Mil Muertes vs Pentagon Dark, and both take place next week!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!


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