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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

On to the temple, the second round of the Cueto Cup begins, with Jeremiah Crane in the ring facing off against Worldwide Underground’s vivacious vixen, Taya. Crane advanced by defeating Killshot in the first round, while Taya defeated Joey Ryan to become the only female combatant in the second round. Taya started with a slap to Crane, who delivered a swift kick to his fiery opponent and later went around the ring and delivered a cannonball to Taya. Taya recovers, and the fight is on and brought back to the ring. It’s a back and forth fight, as neither one backed down from each other. Taya was able to counter against Crane, but even then, she only got a two count out of it, with the fans cheering for her. At that moment, Sexy Star appeared and slightly distracted Taya, allowing Crane to deliver some offense for a two count. Remember:  Taya cost Sexy Star in the first round of the tournament, and she got payback as Taya fell to Crane. Crane is the first to advance to the Elite Eight, and as for Taya, she was on the receiving end of a right hand (loaded with brass knuckles) from Sexy Star. Honestly, I can’t help but sense a double turn for both women, as Sexy Star was clearly villainous in her interaction with Taya, who received massive pops.

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Backstage, Fenix and Aerostar are backstage, with the latter telling the former that he’s rooting for him. They also mentioned their former partner Drago and his betrayal, with Fenix stating that Drago left the Reptile Tribe once, and he’ll do so again. Fenix also referred to Aerostar as a time traveler, and when he asked Aerostar if he’ll win tonight, Aerostar gave a “so so” signal before giving a thumbs up.

Back to action, the second round continues with former Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes facing off against the Rabbit Club’s leader, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and Tag Team Champion Paul London. London has survived in matches with his eccentric behavior and it actually served him well in this second round match, as he forced Mil Muertes to have to put up a fight, which he didn’t have to do in the first round. The fight was taken outside the ring, where London delivered a series of superkicks to the massive Mil Muertes. All the while, the rest of the Rabbit Club appeared and, well, did as rabbits do:  hop around. Their craziness helped London win his first round match via countout, but it did not deter Mil Muertes. Despite the onslaught, London kicked out at two, and the Rabbit Club returned again, only for Mil Muertes to deck Mala Suerte. This allowed London to deliver not one, but two Shooting Star Presses–with Mil kicking out of both of them. One spear and a DDT later, and Mil Muertes joins the Elite Eight.

Backstage, The Beautiful Brenda is with Texano, a continuation of the last time Texano dealt with Famous B. She was attempting to do Famous B’s job and get him to become his latest client. Brenda did state that Texano needs a woman’s touch. That should be interesting.

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And speaking interesting, the Cueto Cup continues with the main event. Fenix facing off against Marty the Moth: one has been receiving Melissa Santos’ affection, while the other has been obsessively trying to get said affection. Of course, Mariposa (who Fenix defeated to advance) is at her brother’s side, and while Matt Striker stated that Marty is looking to avenge his sister, we all know he’s looking to get Melissa Santos’ attention. And speaking of Melissa, she voiced her displeasure and horror at the siblings actually tearing Fenix’s mask. Fenix, the first and only Triple Crown Champion, continued bringing the fight to his massive opponent, but Marty regained control and nearly put Fenix away. Marty delivered what looked like a modified Codebreaker to Fenix, but even that wasn’t enough to put Fenix away. Mariposa’s latest attempt to get involved was thwarted by Melissa, who stopped Mariposa from handing Marty the lunchbox he brought with him. Fenix later picked up the victory over Marty, but Marty clocked Fenix with the lunchbox, which had actual lunch…and a fork. Melissa pleaded with Marty to stop his assault, but Marty jabbed the fork in Fenix’s head, while Mariposa forced Melissa to watch! Even with this assault, Marty proclaimed his love for Melissa, but this is a whole new level of insanity for Marty. I didn’t think he’d get any crazier!

The second round continues next week, and that is the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!


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