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First Look: The Mae Young Classic (Part I)

Are you as impatient for The Mae Young Classic as I am?! This epic tournament has been announced and talked about for months, and regarding the WWE Network, they won’t air anything regarding the tournament until August. Well, this is June, and I will provide a bit of insight about the Mae Young Classic in this first look! The first four combatants were announced for the Mae Young Classic, and here’s some info on these phenomenal women.


Lacey Evans:  One of my new faves on NXT. Her real name is Macey Estrella, and she’s 27 years of age. Before she got into wrestling, Macey was enlisted in the U.S. Marines, and was part of the Marine Corps SWAT Team, which I find so epic, because I haven’t heard of a lot of women going from the military to the wrestling ring. Macey actually did some competing in the independent circuit between 2014 and 2015 before she was signed by WWE in April of 2016. We haven’t seen much of Macey on WWE TV since she was signed, as she mostly competed in live events. Regarding her gimmick, Macey refers to herself as “The Lady of NXT,” which, IMO, would be a perfect heel gimmick for her. In fact, Macey’s most talked about live event match saw her as a villainess against Sarah Bridges, which Macey lost. Her first televised match came in January, as she (as Macey Evans) teamed with Sarah Bridges in a losing effort against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Macey was given the Lacey Evans ring name in May, and participated in a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal that same month. Lacey’s most recent TV appearance came two weeks later, when she was defeated by Sonya Deville. The characters in that match weren’t really defined, though it appeared that Lacey was a heel against Sonya.

Sarah Logan:  Indy wrestling fans should definitely recognize Sarah Logan under her more familiar name: Crazy Mary Dobson. Though she is only 23, Sarah is a seasoned veteran, having spent years competing in promotions such as SHIMMER, Shine Wrestling, and Queens of Combat, but is best known for competing in various deathmatches. Sarah was signed by WWE last year, but she made guest appearances on WWE TV before, appearing as Miz’s makeup girl in 2014 and often appearing as a Rosebud on Raw and SmackDown. As a wrestler, Sarah appeared on NXT as an “enhancement talent,” competing as Sarah Dobson and under her real name, Sarah Bridges. She was given the Sarah Logan name in June, as she appeared on NXT and was defeated by Peyton Royce. Regarding her persona in her career, Sarah basically portrays the same character, whether she’s face or heel. The difference is that as a face, she’s a daredevil. As a heel, she’s twisted and violent.

Toni Storm:  Toni Storm is a name I’ve heard a lot lately, but it’s mainly from fans who have wanted her to be part of the Mae Young Classic, which she will be. Toni Storm (real name Toni Rossall), was born on October 19, 1995 in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand, making her just 21 years of age. Despite her youth, Toni has been competing since 2009, and she currently holds two titles:  the SWA World Championship from STARDOM, and Progress Wrestling’s Women’s Championship.  I am anxious to see her compete, because I have never seen her in action!



Princesa Sugehit:  I am the most curious about Princesa Sugehit, because I recently learned that she’s a noted name in the world of Lucha Libre wrestling. I also learned that she is a veteran; she has been wrestling since 1995! Her real name is unknown, because in Mexican wrestling, the private lives of masked wrestlers are kept secret. Her age, however, is not a secret; she turned 37 on Sunday! Princesa Sugehit has competed in different promotions for years before joining CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, translated as World Wrestling Council) in 2005. She has spent her entire career competing as a ruda (heel or villainess in Mexican wrestling), and currently serves as the Mexican National Women’s Champion. Princesa Sugehit has won several matches with her mask on the line, including one against Dark Angel, who we all know as Sarah Stock/Sarita. I am anxious to see what Princesa Sugehit will bring to the table at the Mae Young Classic, especially if she brings her trademark villainous persona to the tournament.

That is a look at the first four announced combatants in the upcoming Mae Young Classic! And there’s more where that came from!

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