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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Slammiversary!

This past week was Main Event Week for the women of WWE, as Raw, SmackDown, and NXT had women main eventing! For the first time ever, a Women’s Gauntlet Match took place on Raw, with Nia Jax, Emma, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks, and Bayley participating. The match saw Nia eliminate Bayley, Mickie, Emma, and Dana, but she fell short against The Boss. As a result, Sasha Banks became the #1 Contender for Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship, and her title opportunity will come at Great Balls of Fire. More on Sasha’s shot and what that could mean in the future later.

... and holds up her championship.

SmackDown was main evented by the Money In The Bank Ladder Rematch, and it ended with the same result: Carmella victorious. But not in the same exact fashion that caused the rematch, though. Daniel Bryan had banned James Ellsworth from ringside on last week’s Talking Smack, and threw him out of the building to kick off SmackDown. Despite this, Ellsworth returned and attempted a repeat of the PPV, but was taken out by Becky Lynch. Despite this, Carmella did the climbing herself and reclaimed the briefcase that was taken away from her. Speaking of rematches, Naomi again defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Lana, and defeated her in no time.

Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya and Tamina prepare to square off in the second-ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Asuka and Nikki Cross main evented NXT when they fought in a Last Woman Standing Match for the NXT Women’s Championship, with Asuka winning. Lucha Underground saw Taya become the first woman to advance in the Cueto Cup Tournament, and Impact saw Rosemary, Allie, and Braxton Sutter defeat KM, Laurel Van Ness, and Sienna, just days away from Slammiversary.

Speaking of the big event, Allie, Braxton, and Shera defeated Kongo Kong, KM, and LVN at the Slammiversary Pre-Show. A brutal mixed tag team Full Metal Mayhem match saw Alisha and Eddie Edwards defeat Angelina Love and Davey Richards, and in the big title unification match, Sienna defeated Rosemary to capture the Impact Knockouts Championship and unify that with the GFW Women’s Championship. Gail Kim appeared at the event, right before the match started; her first appearance on Impact programming in several months.

Back to the Raw portion of things. Great Balls of Fire is Raw’s last PPV before SummerSlam next month, and Sasha Banks is back in the title picture. Alexa has been champion for just over two months, and one has to believe that with the ongoing Sasha/Bayley SummerSlam rumors, The Boss would walk out of the PPV as Raw Women’s Champion. The SummerSlam feud is supposed to include a heel turn from Sasha, but that was back when Bayley was the champion. If they stick with that plan, we could see Sasha become a villainous titleholder, and she could possibly attack Bayley after she becomes #1 Contender. Everything depends on this upcoming Sunday.

A new week begins tonight, and we’ll see the last Raw before Great Balls of Fire. SmackDown will feature a third title encounter between Naomi and Lana, with the latter claiming controversy after her shoulder appeared to be up on Naomi’s winning pin. With Battleground on the horizon, could Carmella cash in? We shall see! Until next week!

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