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SABERmetrics Fireworks Edition: Matt Adams’ Notable Year

Matt Adams is a player that seemed to have faded away from the baseball eyes in recent years. Once a reliable guy on the Cardinals depth chart and someone who had some big postseason hits in 2013-2014, he fell off recently with some injuries and inconsistent play. He stayed a Cardinal until May of this year until he was traded to Atlanta.

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He is finally raising some baseball eyebrows again with a rejuvenated year so far. Adams (28) is now an everyday player again and hitting well for the Braves. It is also notable that he even was hitting decently with the Cardinals to start the season, showing he was able to make some changes (including losing weight) and put up some better numbers. Here is a look at some

2017: .343 OBP / .899 OPS / .328 BABIP / 7.0 BB% / 23.5% K / 13 HR in 69 games

Career: .318 OBP / .786 OPS / .320 BABIP / 6.1% BB% / 23.0%K / Averaging 11 HR in 87 Games a year before 2017

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It is clear across the board Adams is playing better than his career numbers. He can easily pass his 17 HR career high and may even play 140+ games for the first time since 2014 now that he is getting consistent playing time. He is walking a little more and him getting on base more plus the power is helping that OPS. Adams moving to Atlanta where he can play everyday is probably the best thing for him, and now that he is in better shape and showing a better approach at the plate, he can continue to put up some solid productive numbers.

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