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3 Impacts From Impact (Slammiversary Edition)

Wow!! What a night!!! The 15th Slammiversary is officially in the books! So much happened on this wondrous night; it’s so hard to knock it down to the top three! But I welcome the challenge, so here are my 3 Impacts From Impact Slammiversary!

In my honest and humble opinion, the biggest impact actually did come from the announcer involved match pitting Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner against Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park, a match that was made No DQ earlier in the evening. It started in the ring, but ended up going all over, even involving JB tossing Josh into a pool, and later diving in himself! The brawl involved Shark Boy, who went after Josh, but that wasn’t the best part! We would later see, of all people, Father James Mitchell–handing Joseph a mask–the mask!!! Mitchell later came out with Abyss, and that marked the end for Josh and Big Poppa Pump; especially the latter of the pair, who ended up on the receiving end of a Faraway Slam on thumbtacks, as well as a frog splash from JB!

The Slammiversary main event ended with Alberto El Patron defeating Lashley to capture the Impact World Championship and unify that with his GFW Global Championship. I do have an affinity for title unification matches, but I thought that I would see new belts in the men’s and women’s matches. Nevertheless, I’m just happy that Lashley’s reign is over. It seems like one long reign rather than a few of them separated by so little time. We can now add Alberto to the short but elite list of wrestlers who have won World Titles in WWE and Impact, a list that also includes Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Christian, and AJ Styles. This does not include the NXT Championship, which former Impact World Champion Samoa Joe has held, and is currently held by another former Impact World Champion, Bobby Roode.

NFL player DeAngelo Williams’ in-ring debut went well, as he and Moose defeated Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. I figured the babyfaces would win, because they wanted to put over the NFL player emerging victorious in his first match. What followed was both Moose and DeAngelo putting Eli through a table. One has to wonder when Eli will finally get his long overdue main event push. He’s been in Impact for two years now, and the only title he’s won is the now-defunct King of the Mountain Championship. Something needs to change; this cannot go on much longer.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact Slammiversary! The aftermath comes this Thursday! Until then!

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