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Jeff Horn Upsets Pacquiao & Becomes New WBO Welterweight Champion

 Jeff Horn defeated Manny Paquiao in his home town of Australia by unanimous to become the new WBO welterweight champion. Although Jeff Horn won the fight, most people felt that Pacquiao was robbed by the judges. Although Horn fought tough and was the bigger fighter, he was inaccurate with his punches and was not able to hurt Pacquiao.
In the first couple of rounds Pacquiao did not throw alot of punches and Horn was able to hit him with a couple of shots, but never any punches that would have indicated that Pacuiao was in trouble.
In the third round round Pacquiao turned up the heat landing power punches, as Horn’s left eye started to open up. That was the start of Horn’s eye problem, as it got worse throughout the fight.
In the later rounds Horn and Pacquiao would clash heads, which effected Pacquiao the most as his head would open up throughout the fight causing the referee to stop the fight on numerous occasions, so that Pacuiao could get medical attention towards his head. Horn also landed a huge right hand, which stunned Pacquiao for the moment, but he easily regrouped quickly.
Pacquiao dominated the later rounds, including the 9th round, where he landed at will with his left hand and numerous power combinations. Horn was hurt as he fell into the ropes and he started to become less agressive. It appeared Horn was finished after the 9th round, as the referee Mark Nelson went to Horn’s corner and told him he was going to stop the fight. Horn’s corner pleaded and convinced Nelson to let him fight on.
Pacquiao told ESPN after the fight that “He was a tough opponent,” Pacquiao said. “I tried to knock him out in the ninth round, but he survived. In the ninth round, I thought I am going to win the fight.”
Horn told ESPN that he felt Pacquiao’s power but he was able to recover. “I felt fine in that corner. I wanted to keep going on,” Horn said. “I wasn’t really that hurt. I was a little bit buzzed in that round, but I recovered very quickly. He buzzed me a little bit. I felt a little off-balance in that round.”
Both Pacquiao and Horn looked tired in the 10th round as each fighter did little to nothing on offense. In the 11th and 12th Pacquiao was on the offense as he looked like a shark that was stalking his pray. Pacquiao was looking for the Knockout. The last time Pacquiao got a knockout was in 2009.
The undefeated Jeff Horn showed heart, as he was able to take a punishment and last 12 rounds. Then at the conclusion of the 12th round. Michael Buffer the ring announcer announced the Shocking news that Jeff Horn won by unanimous decision. Two judges scored the bout 115-113 and one judge scored the bout 117-111.
Jeff Horn according to the stats only landed 15% of his punches compared to Pacquiao’s 32% .
Pacquiao, who was gracious and humble about the judges decision is not all that worried. He says he plans to exercise his rematch clause, as he does not have a problem with boxing Horn again.


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