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Straight Up Smack Down


Holy smokes. What an epic episode of Smack Down tonight from San Diego! The main attraction of the evening was centered around the rematch of the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Both Charlotte & the Queen of Staten Island had this to say today:

After a week of anticipation, Carmella & James Ellsworth were chomping at the bit to give General Manager Daniel Bryan a piece of their mind….

Try as he may, Bryan could not keep Ellsworth from interfering in the ladder match:

There you have it. The two time winner of the Money In The Bank ladder match, Carmella. I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Makes too much sense to keep the briefcase on her. This was a much better ladder match than the version that took place at the pay-per-view, in my opinion.


That wasn’t the only women’s Money In The Bank rematch this week. Lana (somehow) got a rematch granted against the champ, Naomi.  This was over in a hurry, don’t blink:

I don’t really have anything to add to this, aside that well…Lana is a work in progress as a wrestler. She offered a much better performance post-match, albeit in about the same time frame:

What a performance from the women’s division this week!  They are truly unbelievable & sometimes “carry” episodes of Smack Down Live.


However, the men of Smack Down brought their A game tonight. Starting with Randy Orton. He came out & gave a phenomenal diatribe on how he deserved a rematch, demanded a rematch, & would not leave the squared circle until he got one. Well, he got what he wanted….

The wrestling fan part of me is excited for this “Punjabi Prison match”, but the cynic in me is face palming after witnessing Strowman & Roman agree to an ambulance match stipulation on Raw last night & by comparison, this seems below that, yet in the same vein. I really hope this isn’t as bad as Randy’s House of Horrors match or his Wrestle Mania match of digital images.


In tonight’s comedy relief, the Fashion Police of Breezango produced an episode of Fashion Vice. Like Miami Vice, just in San Diego. Their targets were The Ascension, as they questioned both members in depth about the attack on Tyler last week:

To The Ascension: as a fellow headbanger, there is no shame in taking those tickets. I would too. It appears that they are exonerated of any wrong doing from last week, so maybe the audience will get a better understanding of the perpetrators identity next week.

But speaking of next week….

GM Daniel Bryan had words with United States champion Kevin Owens & A.J. Styles tonight.  The result of which is a battle royal next week on July 4th:

I’ll bet the house on Styles. By the way, not only was Owens fantastic here….he was 100 times better on Talking Smack tonight. Do yourself a favor & check it out.


Also next week, its JOHN CENA!


Should be another “can’t miss” episode next week!  Thanks for reading

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