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The RAW Truth

If Monday Night RAW was anything last night, it was entertaining. While not as dramatic or explosive as last week’s show, this week saw a show that was impossible to look away from. Whether it was the entire Lavar Ball family making an appearance on The Miz TV, or Braun Strowman making another aggressive statement against Roman Reigns, there was just so much good and bad this week on RAW that made it certainly unique.

The Good Truth


  • Six Man Tag Match Delivers Big Time


The Hardy Boyz and Finn Balor faced off against Sheamus, Cesaro, and Elias Samson in a match that definitely exceed my expectations heading in. The match opened with The Drifter and Sheamus/Cesaro about to serenade the crowd, when the good guys came to the rescue. The match was really fast paced from start to finish, and really made everyone involved look good. In the end it was Finn Balor who came out with the pin over Cesaro. This match made both rivalries involved feel a little bigger and got me excited to see the eventual blow off matches at Great Balls of Fire.


  • Brothers No More

Cass launches his former partner down the ramp.

Big Cass doubled down on his betrayal of Enzo Amore this week, once again attacking his former best bud after seemingly coming back together. The tandem produced a really great promo, especially Enzo, and it was actually really devastating to see Enzo get stabbed in the back again by Cass, who also threw Enzo all the way down the entrance ramp. Talk about adding injury to insult.

The Hard Truth


  • Bayley Continues to Struggle

Jax plants Bayley with a Samoan Drop and gets the pin to eliminate The Huggable One.

The Women’s Gauntlet Match proved to high action and entertaining while making Nia Jaxx and Sasha Banks appear fairly strong on the other side, but all at the expense of Bailey. Bailey got steamrolled by Nia Jaxx, further adding to her recent stretch of looking fairly weak. If WWE is setting up Bayley for a similar cinderella run that she saw in NXT it might all make sense, but it seems that they may be letting their best liked Women’s star go to waste.


  • Where is Tozawa Headed?

The feud between Neville and Tozawa is slow burning to say the least, and I’m starting to get worried about where it is all heading. As much as Tozawa has impressed, I’m not sure he should be the one to dethrone Neville as Cruiserweight champ, which makes it a little disconcerting that they may kill off any momentum the Stamina Monster has currently built up. If WWE can take it in a new direction that allows Neville to retain while making Tozawa seem like he should be the next champ then I will buy in. Until then, no dice.

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