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Updates on the Upcoming Mae Young Classic

If you enjoy women’s wrestling as much as I do, then you are definitely amped up for WWE’s upcoming Mae Young Classic; the highly anticipated women’s tournament that was officially announced early in the spring. The basic details about the tournament are that 32 women will be involved, and they will be from different countries all over the world. But the key details, mainly when this tournament will air, had yet to be announced…until now. Here are the updates.

When Will The Event Take Place?-As reported, the Mae Young Classic will be taped on July 13 and 14 at Full Sail University. As for the Network, it will not air the tournament week-by-week, but rather in bunches to allow us fans to binge watch. According to various websites, the WWE Network will air a special program previewing the tournament, and it will air on Sunday, August 20–SummerSlam day. Whether it will air before SummerSlam’s pre-show or after the PPV has yet to be revealed, though I would think something like this would air after the SummerSlam PPV. The first round episodes will be released on-demand during the final week of August, and the second round during the first week of September. The finals will air live on Tuesday, September 12, and as reported, the finals airing live is to avoid spoilers.

This is Thea Trinidad, who is currently dating a current WWE Superstar. You can find out more about her by clicking her name below.

Who Exactly Will Be Part Of This Tournament?- Well, recent reports state that a good bit of the women who were signed by WWE in the last year will participate; some whom we have already seen on NXT TV. These women include (but aren’t limited to) Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan (the former Crazy Mary Dobson), Danielle Kamela, Kimberly Frankele (the former Kimber Lee), MaryKate, and Bianca Blair (who has been competing in NXT live events). Those already established NXT names will be mixed in with some indy names they’ve signed, such as Thea Trinidad, Nixon Newell, Evie, Demi Bennett, and Kairi Hojo. Marti Belle and Mia Yim, a pair of indy notables who recently enjoyed stints as Impact Wrestling Knockouts, are heavily rumored for the tournament.

Who Would I Like To See In This Tournament?- I myself am hoping that Deonna Purrazzo participates; given that she’s appeared on NXT before and actually appeared as La Luchadora for two weeks on SmackDown, I would think she’d be part of this. I would really love it if Mandy Leon participated, and she would be excellent as the over-the-top lead villainess of the tournament–who would at least get to the Final Four.

Who Will Be Doing The Commentary?- Jim Ross will call the action, and it’s reported that he’ll have female colleagues working with him. Though we have still yet to learn which women will join JR at the announce table, suggestions have included Renee Young, Charly Caruso, and WWE Hall of Famers Beth Phoenix and/or Lita. Lita calling this would be good, but I do hope Beth participates. If so, I do hope Beth serves as a heel on commentary, because (not counting the guest commentators) wrestling really hasn’t had a regular female heel commentator.

Who Will Officiate The Matches?- We are expected to see female referees at the tournament as well. WWE introduced their first ever full time female referee at an NXT live events a few weekends ago. She was introduced solely as Jessika, but she is immensely recognized by fans of the independent circuit. Jessika (her real first name, BTW; her full name is Jessika Heiser) began competing under the name Jessie Kaye before recently working as Kennadi Brink, an arrogant, Beth Phoenix-esque villainess. She has competed in promotions such as Queens of Combat and Shine Wrestling, and appeared on WWE’s NXT earlier this year under the name Kennedy Lewis. Jessika actually officiated a women’s match or two at live events, but she made history this weekend as the first female referee to officiate a men’s match. Reports are out that the upcoming Mae Young Classic will feature female referees, and Jessika could be one of the officials in the tournament.

I cannot wait for the Mae Young Classic! This will be an absolutely monumental event!

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