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Do They FIGHT For “Mr. I” Or Fold For The Future?

The Tigers have always been one of the top teams in the league, although recently the Tigers have hit a slump and have fallen below the .500 mark. With the Trade deadline approaching, could the Tigers make a move or two that could help them reach the playoffs?

The Tigers need to preserve late owner Mr. Ilitch’s legacy he created for the team. Ilitch created the team he wanted to see win a pennant. He brought in players such as Cabrera who played for the Florida Marlins from 2003-2007. He traded for players like Ian Kinsler, even J.D. Martinez and also signed free agent Justin Upton. All four players have been terrific power hitters for the Tigers.

The Tigers bullpen is the main issue. The Tigers have lost some pitchers in the past few seasons for instance like Rick Porcello, as well as trading away David Price to the Red Sox. While the Tigers and Nationals swapped pitchers in free agency, Tigers signed Jordan Zimmerman while the Nationals signed Max Scherzer. The Tigers ranked 28th with a team ERA of 4.64 in 2015, while this season the Tigers have posted a 4.67 ERA, yet the season isn’t nearly over, the Tigers should try and fix the bullpen issues before the trade deadline. It’s the age old question that sports fans have been asking themselves for generations and generations, what can we do to get better? And nothing is truer for Tigers fans who have seen their team seemingly fall off the face of the earth over the past few years. Going from AL central champs to competing in the World Series, to the dreaded game 163 for the wildcard spot.

The Tigers in recent years have been on the decline despite their numerous attempts to stop the bleeding. Big trades and off season signings that have put stars and fan favorites like David Price, Yoenis Cespedes, Ian Kinsler, even most recently Justin Upton in the old English D, have all come up short in the long run. So, has our time finally passed? With every big buy we’ve had, there has been our sells, Cespedes and Price dealt after short enjoyable stints. Dave Dombrowski worked his magic in his time as Detroits GM trying to turn the season around year after year, but now its Al Avila’s time to show Tigers fan what he can whip up. Going forward we can see one of three things happen.

1) They could ideally come together and take the AL Central back.

2) They become competitive enough and make us believe we have a shot come the trade deadline.

3) The Tigers fall off and start dealing the veterans for young prospects.

As much as I’d like to see one of the these things happen, the way things are trending, its looking as if the fans will experience another disappointing season. The Tigers just don’t have the depth compared to some of the top teams, such as the Astros, who seem to be pulling star players out of nowhere. The Tigers need to find a way to convert bullpen arms and make adjustments to a team plagued with injuries. The Tigers need to figure themselves out and keep the legacy of Ilitch alive. With the offense the team has been able to put together, they should be able to win a championship in his honor. Hopefully the Tigers are able to find the pieces they need to bring the team to it’s full potential. The Tigers still have a lot of experience and talent to take them deep into September if they are able to fix the bullpen and stay healthy.

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