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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

After seeing Marty The Moth right where Mariposa left him, we head to the temple, where the Cueto Cup Tournament continues! The first match of Day 2 features Vinnie Massaro competing against the massive Cage. Vinnie reminds me a lot of Impact Wrestling’s Aiden O’Shea–the stereotypical Italian-American character. Cage is another one I’ve been wanting to see get some elevation on Lucha Underground; he has held the Gift of the Gods Championship, which is a golden ticket to the Lucha Undeground Championship. However, Cage has yet to hold that title, and he was actually close to defeat at the hands of Vinnie Massaro. Vinnie made the mistake of attempting to use Cage’s gauntlet against him, and that would be his downfall. Cage emerged victorious, and after the match, he put the gauntlet on and walloped Vinnie.

We see yet another captivating video promoting the upcoming Johnny Mundo/Rey Mysterio Lucha Underground Championship contest, and following this, it’s back to the temple…and Marty The Moth is creeping behind Melissa Santos. His opponent in the Cueto Cup Tournament is The Rabbit Club’s El Saltador, so it’s crazy vs psychotic. And the creeping towards Melissa continues during the match, as Marty moved towards her and even tossed Saltador towards a barrier right close to Melissa. Marty won his match, and Melissa looked somewhat chagrined. Though as I’ve said many times before, I would not be surprised if she ends up falling for him. In fact, I’m calling it:  Melissa will end up with Marty at Ultima Lucha Tres!

Mascarita Sagrada’s match against Pindar is next, but before that, we see the Rabbit Club worshipping him, believing that he’s their leader, only for Sagrada to walk past them. Back to Marty, and as we see, he has a shrine to Melissa (surprised we didn’t see this sooner). He is later confronted by his sister, Mariposa, who stated that Marty’s affections for Melissa has made him weak, and should Mariposa defeat Fenix in her match, then it will be sister vs brother. We’ll see Mariposa later on.

Back to the temple, where Kobra Moon leads Pindar in his battle against Mascarita Sagrada. The diminutive Sagrada has a huge fan following, with Pindar’s offense gaining nothing but disdain from the fans. After being dominated, Sagrada delivers big time offense towards his massive opponent, from both inside and outside the ring, only for Pindar to shut down the tear. Pindar continued his assault towards Sagrada, and of course, Kobra Moon gets a shot in as well. Sagrada later delivers a dizzying head scissors to Pindar, and even fights off (and later slaps) Kobra Moon! However, this only angers Kobra Moon, who sends Pindar to successfully finish off Sagrada, with the evil queen cackling over her minion’s latest victory.

The main event follows, with the immensely demented Mariposa facing off against Lucha Undeground’s first-ever Triple Crown Champion, Fenix. Without question, this is Mariposa’s toughest task to date in LU, and despite Fenix’s games early in the match, she started off faring well against the former Lucha Underground Champion. Even with Mariposa’s effort, Fenix won his match, but following the victory, Marty entered and beat down his second round opponent, much to Melissa’s horror. Fenix fought off the sinister siblings, and it appears that we may see something brewing between Fenix and Melissa; the latter blew a kiss to the former. Hmmm.

The Cueto Cup continues next week and so will the Lucha Lowdown! Until then!

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