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SABERmetrics Sunday: Super Starlin


Yankees shortstop Starlin Castro is putting together a very good season early on, and is a big piece of the surprising Yankees team that sits in first place. At 27 years old, Castro was a draft product of the Chicago Cubs and played six seasons with them until he was traded after the 2015 season. Castro provided the only signs of hope in 2010 – 2011 before Theo Epstein arrived in Chicago; accomplishments include 500 hits by age 23 plus a 7.7 WAR though his first three seasons.

From his debut in 2010-2014, the Cubs were below .500 every season before making it to the postseason for his first time in 2015, his last year with the Cubs. He made his 2016 Yankees debut posting .300 OBP/.734 OPS/ 19.3% K / 3.9% BB / -4 DRS / 1.0 UZR / 1.1 WAR numbers. Castro is not a big on-base guy because most of his on-base is hits, he does not walk a lot (4.8%BB and .320 OBP career) plus he is not known for his defense (-27 DRS and -13.2 UZR career) but he has 1189 career hits at the age of 27.

Now this season is early but man he is putting up some great numbers so far.

Through 5/8: .395 OBP / .941 OPS / 17.1% K / 6.2% BB / 0.36 K-BB / -1.0 UBR / 0.2 UZR / *.398 BABIP / 1.1 WAR

He is getting a lot of hits and is hitting the ball for extra bases. He may not walk a whole lot but he is still not striking out a lot. His BABIP is pretty high right now, and yes .400ish BABIPs are not sustainable but Starlin still has been improving his slugging and OPS. Starlin sure isn’t a SABERmetric dream when it comes to OBP and defense, but his ability to get hits does give you value and Castro can still end the year with respectable numbers.

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