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NBA 5 On 5 12/16

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Welcome to the NBA 5 On 5, where we break down 5 topics buzzing around the association.

1)New CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) Has Been Reached:


Key Details:

-Shorter Preseason. Which means it will reduce the schedule going forward of back-to-backs and 4 games in 5 nights type deals.

-Basketball Related Income will remain the same. This means everything made off ticket sales, television contracts, and etc. will remain between 49-51%. In other words whatever the league makes, the players and franchises do as well. With the new TV deal causing the salary cap to explode, of course there is no need to restructure this.

-College “1 and Done” will remain n place. However, the union is trying to explore additional options like allowing High School players in the draft, but keep college players from declaring until after their sophomore season.

-“Two Way Deals” for players shuttling themselves between the D-League and the NBA. Teams will have an automatic roster spot for the players who are called up or recalled from the D-League, and more money will be accommodated to D-League Players.


2)Mike D’Antoni Opinion On “Mass Rest”:


He doesn’t like it. Simply Put. If you didn’t hear, the “Big 3” for Cleveland did not even make the road trip to Memphis (and the Cavs lost by 8 by the way), and out west DeMarcus Cousins sat out against the Rockets. Now we’ve seen Greg Poppovich rest his stars in many games in the past, and at one point was fined $250,000 by the league for resting his stars during a nationally televised game back in 2012. D’Antoni believes that if someone travels from afar to watch their favorite player, they should play. Now the NBA is built on entertainment yes, and the players are human, but he does have a point here. To sit the men that “oh” and “aw” the crowd is tough to do, because it affects ticket sales and revenue in the long run. Maybe 1 per game wouldn’t be so bad, instead of almost half your starting lineup.


3)Russell Westbrook Says He Doesn’t Care About Numbers.


Can you blame him? OKC has bigger things to worry about than what will happen if Russell Westbrook does or does not average a Triple-Double. Yes Oscar Robertson did it, in a different era that make it seem like a big distraction. Even after rallying 7 straight contests of such incredible numbers, Russell is not phased. “For the 100th time, I don’t care.”…


4)Atlanta Hawks Not Where They Should Be.

Photo by: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

12-13 is extremely rough to look at. Especially given the talent this team has flashed, it’s almost pitiful to look at. After shutting the door on that 7 game losing streak, and cashing in a win streak of 2, you would hope against the league’s worst offense in the Orlando Magic they would make it 3. But no. The Magic shot 44% from 3, made the Hawks cough up the ball 15 times, and had 3 players score 20+ points. Whats the problem? Ball movement isn’t as fluid as it used to be. Now teams know the Hawks are looking for Dwight in the post, and have tightened up the passing lanes to make sure he doesn’t find him. Scoring is an issue. No Carroll, no Teague, nor Horford, and Korver isn’t shooting as well either. Don’t believe me? The Hawks are 23rd in the league in scoring. After being top 3 almost a season and a half ago. Thabo Sefolosha has been inserted into the starting lineup, and it has boosted the defense tremendously. However, these woes aren’t simple to fix, and at a quarter of the way through the season, what moves need to be made to remedy these problems?


5) Craig Sager.


After losing Stuart Scott at the beginning of the year, we have now lost another bright spot in not only this association, but in this broadcast world. One of the most colorful, energetic, beloved reporters has left us, but not without memories that make you smile every time you think about him. Though I will be honest with all of my readers and followers, I have a hard time typing about subjects like this, so courtesy of NBAToday24 on Youtube, and TNT I have posted a moving, and hopefully inspirational tribute video below.

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