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10 Things I Learned From NFL Week 5

1. Brady Returns

Arguably the biggest headline of week five was the return of Tom Brady to the Patriots. All eyes were on him to see just how he’d perform, and he responded well. He finished the game against the Browns with 406 passing yards with three touchdowns and no turnovers. I’d say that’s pretty good. The Patriots may have found something with this guy after trying out two other quarterbacks previously this season.


2. The Lone Unbeaten

After the Eagles and Broncos both suffered losses, the Vikings remain the lone undefeated team in the NFL. They head into their bye week happy, and left us all with one question: who will beat these Vikings? Outside of the Eagles and Cardinals, the Vikings look to have an easy schedule until they head to Lambeau in week 16.


3. Antonio Brown’s Cleats


It seems like something new every week with Antonio Brown. This week, he wore the pictured cleats to honor the late Muhammed Ali. The cleats are his team’s color, which is usually what the NFL has problems with. Yet he was not just asked, but THREATENED to remove his cleats during the game or he would be unable to continue playing. There is no reason for this to be an issue. This was not a distraction until the NFL MADE IT ONE! If he was allowed to wear the cleats, nobody would have even noticed on the viewer’s side of things. The wannabe führer that is Roger Goodell might as well be in the locker rooms to dress the players himself to make sure everything is up to his code.


4. QB Woes in Cleveland Continue

RG3? He hurt his shoulder and was placed on IR. McCown? He also hurt his shoulder and is down for awhile. Kessler? He hurt his ribs this week and left the game, which left Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst) in charge of the offense. Current signs point to Kessler being available to play next week, but this is hilariously unfortunate nonetheless. We’ll see if he is healthy enough to lead the Browns to their first win of the season next week as they take on the Titans.


5. Are the Falcons Legit?

The Falcons sit atop the NFC South at 4-1 after defeating the two Super Bowl teams in back-to-back weeks. Are these Falcons legit, or will Matty Ice melt under the pressure like in 2015 when they started 6-1 only to lose six games in a row? The biggest difference this season is that they are alone atop the division. Last year, they had to keep stride with the undefeated Panthers. This year, they are the only team in the division with only one loss.


6. So Long, Jay Cutler

After Cutler went down injured, the impression was that Hoyer would have every chance to earn this starting gig. Well, he is doing just that, and all Cutler can do is watch. Hoyer has passed for 300+ yards in each of his three starts, which is a streak Jay Cutler has never accomplished. Possibly more importantly to John Fox and Bears fans, Hoyer has also thrown for two touchdowns in each game without an interception. It is no secret that the Bears would like to move on from the expensive mistake that has been Jay Cutler, and it looks like they will have that opportunity.


7. Do the Chargers Realize There’s a 4th Quarter?

We could be seeing a coaching change in San Diego very soon. The Chargers gave up another lead to lose yet another close game. They are currently 1-4, and they lost all four games by a combined 13 points.


8. Weekly Goff Watch


There have now been five rookies to start at quarterback this season, none of which are the #1 overall pick. The Rams’ current starter, Case Keenum, now has more interceptions than touchdowns on the season (4/5 TD-INT). This leads me to believe that either Jeff Fisher is a bad coach, or Jared Goff was not as NFL-ready as many thought. After a bit of reflecting, I’m pretty sure the answer is both. Both of those statements are correct.


9. Rams’ First TD in LA

Even though it was their second game in LA, the Rams scored their first touchdown in LA since Christmas Eve of 1994!


10. The Rams Got “Fisher-ed”

The Bills were my “lock of the week” this week against the Rams, because the Rams were just getting too many wins! We all know they will finish with a 7-9 or 8-8 record a la Jeff Fisher, so to go 4-1 would have been preposterous! Now Zach, what happened in the game? Simple: the Rams got “Fisher-ed!” With less than four minutes to play, Fisher called for a fake punt inside his own 40-yard line, which obviously failed. This basically cost the Rams any chance of victory that they had. Some things and people never change, which is nice, because I like a little certainty in life.

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