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Thank You Odor, You Did The Blue Jays A Great Service

Let me start off siaying that by the time the 9th inning rolled around, I was fully prepared for a Thanksgiving Day ball game at Rogers Center today. I was okay with that, but still hoped for an extra innings victory.

At the bottom of the 10th, with Donaldson and Edwin on, I prayed for Bautista to hit a homer, a big middle finger to Odor and his antics in May…

…What I didn’t expect was for Donaldson to score on a bad throw to first by Odor, and let me tell you, that was better then any home run that Jose would have hit to win it. Do I sound like I am dumping on Odor? I hope so, because that’s exactly what I am doing. Rougned Odor, when he punched Jose in the face in May, set himself and the Rangers up to face a pissed off Blue Jays team if they met each other in the post-season.

The Jays players will tell you that the “punch” was not motivation when the series started, but I disagree. It was the perfect opportunity for the Blue Jays to come out, and beat Odor and the Rangers, showing them up as the better team on the field. They did that and then some.

They had great pitching, even with the so-so start from Sanchez, and the hitting was as good as advertised. Meanwhile the Rangers had subpar pitching from Hamels and Darvish, and Lewis was underwhelming. There was no offensive life from the Rangers until yesterday, and by then , it was to late. The Blue Jays were the better team this series, and that was the perfect punch to the face to Odor.

Now Bautista and the Jays are heading to face either the Red Sox or Indians, and Odor and the Rangers are going home.

Like a fans sign stated last night, “It’s better to be punched in May, then Knocked out in October!”


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