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Saber-Metrics Sunday: Final WAR Report

The MLB Postseason is underway. Lots to analyze down the road as the teams of October battle for the crown.krisbryant3

This is a simple final report of each league’s WAR leaders (fangraphs WAR) and the path to determination of the respective MVPs.

National League:

Kris Bryant – 8.4

Corey Seager – 7.5

Freddie Freeman – 6.1

Justin Turner – 5.6

Brandon Crawford – 5.6

Favorite to win: Kris Bryant. Highest WAR among NL Players gives the second-year 3rd baseman the best chance to win the honors. He finished with 39 home runs and over 100 RBIs and played exceptional defense at 3rd base/outfield and ran the bases very smartly.


American League:miketroutattheplate

Mike Trout – 9.4

Mookie Betts – 7.7

Josh Donaldson – 7.6

Jose Altuve – 6.6

Manny Machado- 6.4

Favorite to win: Mike Trout. What can you say? Mike Trout is the best player in the world. A kid who can hit 30 plus home runs, drive in runs, get on base and play defense that is far beyond average. He is a human highlight reel on all ends of the ball, and it does not take advanced stats to tell you how good he is…the advanced stats reflect how good he is.

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