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OTOGH: Ranger Playoff Problems

colby-lewis-rangersThere’s no mistaking it, the Rangers have some severe problems starting pitching with Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish there are no words to say about their lackluster performance. This brings up so many questions… Colby Lewis  is set to start game three. This is do or die time and is Lewis the answer? Lewis has experience, but coming off an injury and hasn’t shown a consistent performance. Why do the Rangers start him and not Martin Perez? Could we blame Jeff Bannister? Banny has shown time and time again to go with what has worked. I don’t think that’s half the problem as in the poor performance from hitting. The mighty bats have died, the Rangers peaked too early. This team is tired and has run out of fire. The bigger question; is this become a mental game? Are the Blue Jays the equivalent of the Rangers/ Astros mental game and the Blue Jays are our nemesis? Is the only reason they’re winning is because the Rangers can’t wrap their heads around how to beat them?

Ian Desmond who has been wonderful in the outfield has just not looked his best. Jonathan Lucroy who has been flawless behind the plate has had more wild pitches get away from him in the last two playoff games than during the whole season.

colehamelscenterCole Hamels has never beat the Toronto Blue Jays and yet he played game 1 of the series and played poorly. Hamels had been complaining about how he hasn’t felt as good as he needed to feel to play. I figured it was fatigue after a long season and having the weight of the team on his shoulders with injuries in the lineup and the starting rotation but what if it’s something more. Could this too be apart of the mental game?  That is disappointing  to have a team come so close and be so good and to lose it to the mental game that is the Toronto Blue Jays.  There are no better or no worse than any other team that we played and yet we cannot seem to wrap our heads on how to beat them and if we don’t beat them on Sunday we’re done.

Can we do it can we come back from behind? It’s something we’ve never done in the past but it’s something I hope we do in this future.Hopefully the ride to Toronto will help the Rangers shore up their focus and motivate them to come together.

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