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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

luchablueLucha Underground kicked off with women’s action:  Ivelisse and Mariposa facing off for the first time on the program. Marty The Moth, of course, creeped around at ringside, marking the siblings’ first appearance since Marty participated in a Weapons of Mass Destruction Match against Killshot. Ivelisse picked up the victory, but Marty and Mariposa both got the last word in with a post-match attack.

Before Ivelisse vs Mariposa took place, the Dial of Doom decided Matanza’s fate, and it landed on Prince Puma, the very first Lucha Underground Champion! After the women’s match, the latest episode of “Me Want Title Match,” starring Johnny Mundo took place. Like the last umpteen times that Mundo demanded a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity, he was again denied by Dario Cueto. Mundo then stated that he wants a Gift of the Gods Championship opportunity, and in response, Cueto made the title match, but with Jack Evans as Sexy Star’s opponent. Why? Simple. Evans pinned Sexy Star in the previous week’s tag team match. So once again, Mundo was left holding the proverbial bag.

Next up was Match #2 of Cage and Texano’s best of five series, with Match #1 taking place two weeks prior. Cage won the first match, before Cueto even made the announcement that their ultimate opportunity match was part of a best-of-five series. In the case of Match #2, Cage won that as well, putting Texano in a serious hole. After the match, we see Ivelisse again, this time with her new boyfriend, Jeremiah, aka former NXT standout Sami Callihan. I was elated to see Sami on Lucha Underground; I enjoyed watching him on NXT and was hoping that he would be elevated there, but it was not to be.luchampmatch

The main event followed: Matanza vs Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship. It was a back and forth match, and it looked like Puma was closing in on victory, until Mil Muertes entered and assaulted Puma. Cueto prevented Marty Elias from calling for the bell, stating that it’s now No DQ. So instead of Puma getting a DQ win, the match continued on, and Matanza finished off Puma to hold on to the title. The show ended with Joey Ryan in a segment with Killshot, which had Ryan handing Killshot a letter–which was revealed to say “You left me for dead.” The plot thickens.

That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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