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No Mercy is this Sunday, live on the WWE Network. Tonight was the last episode of Smack Down Live before No Mercy. Which just happened to run pretty much in concert with the Vice Presidential debate. Ironically, both are the lesser hyped programs to their respective viewers. However, both are entertaining in their own right. Typically, WWE has not gone overboard in their “go home” shows before pay-per-views & tonight was no different. While they addressed every feud going into No Mercy, there was not a whole lot of newsworthy notes or talking points to pull from tonight’s episode. Smack Down was just good enough to maintain excitement for this Sunday’s pay-per-view.  Here are some of my favorite highlights from tonight:

The best segment of the evening was MizTV featuring Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is putting his career on the line this Sunday, in an Intercontinental title match against The Miz. This segment was incredible, as Miz showed a video montage of Dolph’s career.  The montage was cut up in a fashion that negatively portrayed Dolph & it was hilarious!

This infuriated Dolph & as you will see in this video, he delivered a passionate response.

Yes, Miz followed that up with a surprising introduction to a few members of the Spirit Squad. A rather embarrassing moment of Dolph’s career. It’s anybody’s guess to who will win on Sunday, but I have to believe that Dolph wins somehow. This would be a rather depressing & low note for him to retire at.


The line of the evening came from one of the least expected places……Carmella?

Yes, that Carmella.  During a scheduled match between Nikki Bella & Alexa Bliss, their fight was taken outside the ring. Carmella was sitting ringside & in the vicinity of both Nikki & Alexa. Carmella stood up & began to taunt Nikki. That’s when she called Nikki a “thirsty Kardashian wannabe”.

Hilarious. Possibly Carmella’s shining moment thus far, but as you can see in the clip, Alexa was immediately hurled right into her.  Probably a good thing too. Many times, less is more. There is genuine interest for both of these women’s matches on Sunday. Personally, I’d be shocked if either of these two rookies win at No Mercy.

The rest of Sunday’s card is very good. It’s the buildup that is not so great. Slater & Rhyno had a ton of momentum going, but now feels stalled. Along with the storyline. Randy Orton versus Bray Wyatt should be a great match. Their storyline has been…okay? Not compelling, but okay. They’ve traded hunting weeks hunting each other. This week, Randy trapped Bray in a storage unit.

Who knows?  Maybe this is the magical pay-per-view where Bray Wyatt wins…..

Cena, Ambrose, & Styles has been the same way. Just okay. Smack Down has taken months worth of separate feuds & rolled them all into one. Tonight’s interaction between the 3 was solid. Nothing spectacular, but solid.

My hope is that, from this, Styles remains champion & begins a new rivalry with a fresh opponent. Let Dean & Cena feud with each other.  That’s compelling. Like I said the buildup has been average, but the match should be great. All 3 wrestlers have been turning in very good in-ring work lately. I expect this to be one of, if not the best, match at No Mercy.


Thanks for reading & remember…show No Mercy!


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