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Pick Six: Week 5

We are now in week five, which means you probably have an idea if you need to make some major moves or not. This is the point where you are not necessarily sticking with the guys you drafted or starting your “studs.” Maybe that guy isn’t as studly as you thought! Week five also brings four teams on bye: Seahawks, Saints, Chiefs, and Jaguars. There are some good WRs and QBs in that group, so make sure you plan accordingly and ask questions like everyone in this “Pick Six!” If you are unfamiliar with this article, I will be asking for fantasy questions on Twitter @FantasyFlurry with the hashtag #AskFLURRY. I will be choosing six of the best questions to answer right here each week to help you win your league! Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our fantasy sports community!


1) Cartersieben77 | @siebc1

Q: Emmanuel Sanders or DeAndre Hopkins?


A: DeAndre Hopkins. I understand your frustration, trust me. I had him in my lineup in three different leagues. He now travels to Minnesota to take on a tough Vikings defense, but they will need him to get the ball. He is one of the best receivers in the game, and do you know what good quarterbacks do when their best weapon has a terrible game? They force them the ball early the following week. Don’t get me wrong, Osweiler is not a good quarterback, but I expect him to do the same thing.


2) Will Breslin | @QuintoBreslin

Q: Trade Pryor for Bryant? I get Dez.

A: Yes, do it! Dez shouldn’t be out much longer, and if it is a question of who is a better receiver, there’s no comparison. Hue Jackson is using Pryor incredibly well, but his value will start to lower once there’s more film on him and Corey Coleman returns. He’ll have his good weeks, but Dez is the better option for the rest of the season.


3) Stacey | @Staceyb2

Q: Pick up Winston or Prescott?


A: Give me the guy throwing to Mike Evans against a defense that just gave up 500+ yards through the air.


4) 2Fantasy2Breal |@2fantasy2breal

Q: NE, PHI, and LA D/ST on waivers, which should I pick up? Stream and/or keep for the season?

A: The Patriots. Obviously, they have a good match-up against the Browns this week. They are also a good defense that get Rob Ninkovich back this week.


5) Sittin Here | @DrinkinABeer

Q: WR and TE are the same in my league, would you ditch Tajae for Rudolph, Britt, or DGB?


A: Yes, I would pick-up Rudolph. Bradford clearly is comfortable throwing to Rudolph in the end zone, and the Titans’ passing game cannot be trusted right now.


6) L_George | @swoldier24

Q:  Add Zenner or Paul Perkins? Full PPR/Redraft

A: I’d add Zenner on the chance that Washington is out. If he is, then Zenner should have a decent workload against the Eagles and the chance to prove himself. Jennings might be back for the Giants this week, but even if he’s not, Perkins will likely have a half workload (at best) against a tough defense.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send me more questions on Twitter this week to get make it in the next “Pick Six” and get answers/advice to help you win your fantasy championship and #ConquerTheCrown!

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