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Bucs Beat: 1st Quarter Report Card

The Buccaneers are continuing to prove they have a ways to go and many different areas that need work. Although the defense did perform better, it’s obvious Chris Conte and Bradley McDougald are not starting caliber safeties (to put it mildly), the offensive line is adequate but still needs work and finally we miss Doug, alot. Here are some grades for the offense in the first quarter of the season. When the bye rolls around I will grade the defensive side of the ball.

 Photo by Matt May/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo by Matt May/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis has shown flashes of brilliance, but they have only been flashes. While he did scorch the Falcons defense in week one for 4 TD’s, he has been shaky since then, going for 4 TD’s and 7 picks. He has also continued to show his early game jitters. Early in games his throws are inaccurate and his decision making is questionable. Some of the picks havent his fault, but ultimately their a statistic the QB carries.  The Bucs talk about starting strong, but Jameis’s interceptions have prevented that from happening more often than not. Jameis is still the franchise QB of the Bucs. He will continue to improve, remember this only his 2nd year. 1 more thing, remember when the Bucs main concern was getting a decent QB under center? Now, we have that progress is slow, but be patient.

Grade: C-

This group as a whole, has struggled. With Martin only having played 1 full game, the grade mostly is Sims and Rodgers. Sims has been the cause of a turnover in 3 straight games. Not securing the catch has been his biggest struggle. Then on Sunday he looked like he was going to pitch to Jameis?! Rodgers has had a few good runs and should be the one to get most of the carries next against Carolina. His between the tackle running is much better than Sims. Sims is a role player and has proven he can’t fill Martins role. He excels in pass catching (even though he has struggled of late) so keep him in that role.

Grade: D+

mikeevans2WR: Mike has been solid, if not spectacular. The worst game of the year so far was this past Sunday against a tough Broncos secondary. If he keeps the pace he was on before this Sunday, the wide out will have had another great year.  Humphries has been Mr. Reliable. Those tunnel screens have been a weapon. V-Jax is the only reason this group doesn’t get the A. Jackson has looked lost on several different occasions. Some have even commented he has looked disinterested in playing. Whatever the case hopefully Jackson gets back on track. Last year we saw how dangerous the two (Evans and Jackson) can be.

Grade: B+

TE: Coming into the year having already seen what Brate can do when ASJ was hurt, and having ASJ back, most thought this would be a strong position. Then, we were all reminded of ASJ’s immaturity and now, he’s gone. Brate has filled in admirably in his absence and Stocker remains one of the better blockers on the team. Alan Cross will get more looks if Myers injury keeps him out. Not sure why Myers is on the team though…..

Grade: B-

This unit has had trouble this year. Allowing 10 sacks on the season and only having 330 rushing yards thru 4 games isn’t a formula for success. For the most part they have been the healthy minus the injury to Sweezy and most recently Hawley. They need to get better in pass protection. It’s also starting to become more and more obvious that Donovan Smith is not a left tackle and would be better utilized elsewhere. The only caveat, is they didn’t play much together in the preseason due to injuries.

Grade: C-

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