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3 Impacts From Impact (Bound For Glory Edition)

The 12th annual Bound For Glory is in the books, and it was an absolutely epic event! Out of everything that happened, what stood out the most after all of the dust settled? Here is the Bound For Glory edition of 3 Impacts From Impact!bfggailkim

  1. The epic induction of Gail Kim into the TNA Hall of Fame featured some one night only returns of former Knockouts Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell, and Awesome Kong. Christy’s TNA career lasted a decade, though she spent most of it as a ring announcer–even performing ring announcing duties for the Knockouts Championship contest. Taryn and Kong are best known for being Gail’s two biggest rivals in TNA; Kong was Gail’s first ever Knockouts Championship rival, while Gail and Taryn had two separate feuds in 2013 and in 2015. Of course, after the induction, Gail captured the Knockouts Championship for the sixth time, tying the record set by Angelina Love.bfgrhoades
  2. Mike and Maria Bennett had a very terrible night. First, Mike lost his grudge match to Moose, making him 0-for-2 in live PPVs. Next, Maria lost the Knockouts Championship, which flew The Miracle into a rage, stating that he will shut down BFG. At that moment, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi made their debuts and took down the couple, making their bad night even worse. It was announced about a month ago that both Cody and Brandi were TNA bound (for glory–sorry, couldn’t resist), with Brandi’s signing being announced first, with the assumption that Cody had already signed. Hard to believe that Cody’s WWE career actually lasted nine years, and in that time, he held the Intercontinental Championship on more than one occasion, and also had tag title reigns with the likes of Hardcore Holly, Ted DiBiase Jr, Drew McIntyre (TNA’s Drew Galloway) and lastly with his brother Goldust. Cody spent the last year of his WWE career as Stardust, and it was rumored that his release had to do with WWE refusing his request to end that gimmick. Brandi, meanwhile, had been a ring announcer in WWE under the name Eden Stiles, holding the position on and off since 2011. She had been training to actually compete, mainly because of their new rivalry with the Bennetts.bound-for-glory-2016-hardys-1000x500
  3. The world of movies is known for its trilogies. Most recently, we have witnessed the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Hangover Trilogy hit it big in the theaters. In the case of TNA, we first saw The Final Deletion. Then it was followed by Delete or Decay. At BFG, we received the third installment of this trilogy, The Great War. First off, I have to say, Reby playing the piano live in front of the crowd? Epic. Wonderful direction, without question. Jeff Hardy had me in stitches with his comedic ramblings and persona while fighting Crazzy Steve, and we would see Reby get payback on Rosemary by putting her through a table. In the end, the Hardys won The Great War and captured the tag titles. One has to wonder what’s next for the group, and who will step up and challenge them.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact for Bound For Glory! Impact Wrestling is back in action this Thursday! Until then!

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