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3 Impacts From Impact

This week was the final Impact before Bound For Glory! What stood out on this monumental edition coming just days before the big event? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:impactwrestlingbluelogo

  1. Of course, the biggest impact was Lethal Lockdown! For those who don’t follow Impact, Lethal Lockdown is an eight man tag team match contested inside a cage, and the match has participants in each team entering one by one in short intervals as the match progresses–almost Survivor Series-esque. This match was made last week, and we knew entering this that Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley would pick teams. What made this monumental was that the KOs were included, as Maria joined husband Mike Bennett and Drew Galloway on Lashley’s team, while Gail Kim joined Moose and Aron Rex on EC3’s team. So there were FOUR BFG matches in this main event. In the end, Lashley’s sided won when he choked out EC3, and per the stipulation, Lashley got to name the stipulation for the World Title contest at BFG. And in that match, it will be No Holds Barred!
  2. At long last, Reby Sky competed in an Impact ring on Impact Wrestling! She and Rosemary faced each other just days before “The Great War,” and it ended with a DQ win for Reby, when Rosemary used the mist. The violence didn’t end there, as the Hardys and Decay continued to brawl, which included Rosemary putting Reby through a table! I hope Reby competes more in TNA; quite frankly, I would like to see her compete in the KO Division and pursue the Knockouts Championship. I’ve seen a number of Reby’s past matches, she is good in the ring. I do like her current babyface run, though part of me wants Reby to turn heel again.
  3. The only title that doesn’t seem to be part of Bound For Glory is the X Division Championship, though I do see this match happening:  DJ Z vs Eddie Edwards vs Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett. It was two weeks ago that DJ Z successfully defended the title against Lee, and was beaten down by Lee and Everett before Edwards made the save. Edwards challenged DJ Z that night, and this past Thursday saw DJ Z retain against Edwards, followed by Lee and Everett going after both of them. We all know that WWE and TNA have had a tit-for-tat for a long while, and this four way match could definitely complement WWE’s return of the Cruiserweight Division.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! A special Bound For Glory edition will be posted on Monday! Until then!

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