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OTOGH: Rangers to the World Series

The Rangers are one win away from getting home field advantage. What does that mean? With home field advantage the Rangers will play the winner of the Wild Card series which is really between the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers could come in and knock out the Blue Jays which would make a very interesting series.

I know there are some,  the Ranger fandom out there might want to see a rematch of last year’s playoff series. But, I feel like there are also advantages if we don’t have home-field advantage. Because, if we don’t have home-field Advantage we will play a very disadvantaged Cleveland Indians team who have lost three pitchers in the last month and have lost their last two games. This would make for a very interesting easy first round of the playoffs for the Rangers. The question then we have to ask. Would that take their edge and their fire out. I don’t believe so, I think it could be best for us to have a chance to try different things and regroup.


Speaking of trying new things, Shin-Soo Choo is back! He’ll come back on Friday’s game and play in the final series against Tampa Bay which is the last home series of the season. What does that mean to the look of the outfield, and who is out if it?It looks like Nomar Mazara could be out and while I’m a little sad by that, he’s not been performing the way he should be. However, I am very uncomfortable with Choo, coming back this late in the season. While he is a veteran with playoff experience, this is not the time that we need to be messing with something. I’m kind of the school of nature of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Speaking of broke and doesn’t need any fixing. how about the breakout of Carlos Gomez? He has shown once again what he is made of. I quite frankly am judging Houston severely on the treatment of Carlos Gomez because this is an amazing time for him especially with his last two home runs as far as their power and distance.



andrusmarzaElvis Andrus we all knew he was a great fielder and we knew that Elvis could produce power. Lately, Elvis has left the building with a couple of home runs. Right now his last 7 games he has an .750 SLG,  it’s amazing if we can carry this into the playoffs the Rangers will be a force for sure.

Derek Holland and the eight-man bullpen– Now this is an interesting thing, if somebody told me that Holland would be the one moved to the bullpen you could have knocked me over with a feather. But, at the same time I really like Holland being in the bullpen. I think he brings a long starter position and some much-needed heat to the to the bullpen and it it’s going to be very interesting to see what he can bring during the playoffs. One of the problems the Rangers have had in the past is the bullpen losing games for us simply because they’re tired. Dutch Oven is going to be really great.

colby-lewis-rangersThe Rangers are going with a 4 starter system during the playoffs, but I still have some great concerns over Colby Lewis. Lewis is still not up to the measure that he needs to be. Unfortunately the one thing Colby probably needs is time and that’s a thing Colby doesn’t have. But, he is a veteran and he will persevere no matter what. I’m just hoping that we don’t lose valuable playoff games because of his inexperience during the season. I understand he is a gamer and just wants in the game. Hopefully his veteran status will show what he is capable of. Martin Perez has been unsteady but effective and while AJ Griffin doesn’t have the power, that Perez has,  I believe Griffin has a maturity about him that will make a wonderful end to the roster.

Next stop the ALDS.

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