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Thursday Top Ten; NFL Edition

Here we go fans, this is my list of the Top Ten teams as of this week for the National Football League. This is the first edition so there will not be any comparisons from last week. And as always if you do not agree, that is fine, just tell me why in the comment section below. You might even be able to change my mind, but I doubt it.

dallas-cowboys-logo#10 Dallas Cowboys

Last Week

Their defense is not top notch, but they have the ball an average of 35 minutes a game. They have a rookie quarterback who has not thrown an interception, and they only lost 1 game, by 1 point.



atlantafalconslogo2#9 Atlanta Falcons

Last Week

This team is like the Colorado Rockies of the NFL. You know they are going to score points, but can their defense hold up for four quarters? The Rockies have one of the best 2 power hitters in baseball in Cargo and Arenado, while the Falcons have a great running back tandem in Coleman and Freeman.



seattleseahawklogo#8 Seattle Seahawks

Last Week

Russell Wilson is having a hard time with the offense, but the defense is as good as ever. Well, maybe not as ever, they are in the 8th spot and have lost to the Rams.



greenbaypackerslogo#7 Green Bay Packers

Last Week

I still agree, Rodgers looks out of sorts. I also think Mike McCarthy also calls plays a little to conservative. Lastly, their schedule is the strangest in football and may have something to do with their mediocre start.



pittsburghsteelerslogo#6 Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week

They get Le’Veon Bell back. We all know that even though Bell did not show up to take his mandatory drug test, we all know why, yet he gets to come back a week early and continue to prove how the Steelers play football. They will do anything to win. Steelers fans love it, most of the rest of us can see through it.


philadelphiaeagleslogo#5 Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week

Until last week I would not have even thought of putting them in my top ten. Why? Because the two teams they beat were the two worse teams in the league in the Browns and Bears. Then they demolished the Steelers. They are worthy, currently, but I also would not be surprised if they did not even win their division.


minnesotavikingslogo#4 Minnesota Vikings

Last Week

I actually struggled with these next two slots in my top ten. I am so impressed with what the Vikings have been able to do with the injuries they have been dealt. But every team has to deal with injuries at some point in the season. The defense has been impressive. but those of us who are Bengal fans knew that it would be.


baltimoreravenslogo#3 Baltimore Ravens

Last Week

Look, they are 3-0. I realize that they have only won by a combined 13 points over their opponents and their combined opponents record is only 1-8. But, they did not make the schedule, and they have beat the teams they are suppose to beat. That being said, if they get beat by the Raiders on Sunday, you might not see them on this list at all come next Thursday.


denverbroncoslogo#2 Denver Broncos

Last Week

As much as I am impressed with the Cowboys rookie QB I am equally impressed with Trevor Siemian. He carved up a Bengals secondary last week and actually made the Bengals look like cubs. He went to Cincinnati threw for 4 TD’s, 2 in the 4th quarter with all the pressure on him and impressed me. This team has a great defense, we all know that but Siemian is not relying on the defense to win games for him, like they did last year.


newenglandpatriotslogo#1 New England Patriots

Last Week

Bill Belichick should be the highest paid person working for the Patriots. Then his assistants should get paid, then the players. Because it doesn’t seem to matter who the players are, it is the system.


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