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We’re 1 week away from Smack Down’s “No Mercy” pay per view & tensions are flaring. Battle lines are being drawn. Feuds are rampant.  In the midst of all this, tonight’s show in Cleveland was a homecoming.  Not for just one superstar, but two.  The Intercontinental champion, The Miz & also Dolph Ziggler. However, the homecoming was only advertised for The Miz. Neither disappointed.

Easily the most entertaining segment of the night, but also the most intriguing. Fantastic mic work by both wrestlers. The career ending stipulation should come as no surprise to anyone. Dolph’s contract situation became public last year & resonated strongly with many WWE fans. This actually could be the beginning of the end for Dolph. It’s no secret these two are actually very good friends. Dolph has had a long career in WWE, but has also reached his ceiling. There are not a lot of other scenarios for him on Smack Down. He had a brief stint with Dean Ambrose, but now he faces a career ending match for the Intercontinental title. In the recent weeks, he’s worn both Kent State & St. Edward’s Wrestling Crew hoodies as ring attire. These are not moves made by somebody who is thinking long term in WWE. That person would be wearing WWE apparel, trying to drive up their individual merchandise sales. He was also acknowledged for being inducted into Kent State’s wrestling Hall of Fame. This signals to me that Dolph is winding down. I hope that if Dolph is getting ready to hang it up, at last he wins the belt at No Mercy. Then vacates the title for a tournament or drops it to Miz the following Tuesday and retires from there.


Randy Orton began tonight’s show & carried it throughout the night.  Orton ranted about Bray Wyatt & then called him out.

Like I said, they carried the show through. Not in the sense that the rest of the show was bad or boring….but this storyline permeated the entire show & filled in the gaps of time during tonight’s episode.

This feud was an after thought just a week ago & now has built a lot of anticipation for No Mercy.


I tweeted during tonight’s episode about how Smack Down Live is so much better than Raw. Smack Down does more with less. But from top to bottom, everything done on Tuesday night, will usually exceed Monday night. It is really something to behold, when you consider that Raw had so many additional draft picks. They bookended every round. They have an additional hour. Hell, they have the momentum show following a Sunday pay per view. Right now, Raw is being saved by Charlotte, Kevin Owens, & The New Day. Smack Down has & had none of that.

The women’s division doesn’t have the same gusto that Raw has. Other than the prospect of Alexa Bliss facing Becky Lynch for their Smack Down Women’s title, the rest of the women’s division is not up to par.

In fact, tonight’s women’s tag match felt a lot more like a Divas match….

Outside of American Alpha, the tag team division has a similar distinction. Ok, but not on the same caliber as Raw.  Again, they had nowhere near the same amount of draft picks.

But Smack Down has pulled more out of the Usos, Becky Lynch, Rhyno, Heath Slater, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, & Naomi than Raw could have ever done.  Another wrestler that has blossomed on Smack Down….A.J. Styles.

A.J. defended his WWE World Championship against Dean Ambrose this evening.  It was a fantastic 30 minute match with many near falls.  John Cena sat ringside for the match & would ultimately play into the final result, as A.J. pinned Dean due to an unintentional referee distraction by Cena.

Following the match, Cena would give an Attitude Adjustment to both competitors & stand tall with the championship belt.  An almost guarantee that he will not become champion at No Mercy, when Styles defends his belt against both Ambrose & Cena in a triple threat match.


Jam packed show this evening & always entertaining.  Almost never disappointing.  Thanks for reading!



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