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This week my Raw recap will be shorter than usual as it’s a busy week for me. I’ll just go through the things I like and dislike during the show, rather than go through it match by match so apologies to all the readers.

rawrvrThe first thing to note from this show was that there was no twenty-minute talking segment to begin the show which was a breath of fresh air. Instead, the show opened to Roman Reigns getting booed to the ring as he defended his US title against Rusev. This was, in my opinion, a better match than they had at Clash of Champions on Sunday night with the match going to a double count out which was a disapointing finish to a good match.

When it comes to better matches that people had on Raw than on Sunday’s PPV, The New Day and Gallows and Anderson had a great match tonight with New Day getting the clean victory to retain their titles.

The outcome to the Cesaro and Sheamus feud was that Mick Foley isn’t going to put them against each other again so they’ll be tag partners challenging for the New Day’s tag team titles.  I’m pretty glad their fued is over and it’s a good way to create a new team on the Raw side of things. I think the two will make a pretty good team, which we saw later on in this episode of Raw against a couple of jobbers.

rawrollinskeptoutofringThey talked about Seth getting injured at Clash of Champions, they showed the X-ray of his damaged ribs.  We saw him briefly during a Highlight Reel segment with Jericho and Owens but he quickly got escorted to the back.  He also confronted Foley saying that every word that comes out of Foley’s mouth is just like talking to Stephanie.

Foley got a brow beating from Stephanie after he confronted her about seeing her get in a car with Triple H after Clash of Champions. This was ok, but pretty predictable as it’s obvious that they are going to be together helping Owens keep the WWE Universal title.

As far as the women were concerned, Bailey had a squash match. This was a nothing match just to get Bailey more over. Later on, Charlotte was in the ring celebrating her win against Sasha and Bailey. Sasha came out, challenged her for another singles match for the title, which Charlotte accepted for next week then attacked Sasha. Sasha got the advantage, beat up on Dana and then Charlotte until she was left in the ring on her own. The announcers confirmed the rematch for next week.

rawperkinsnieseThere were two matches for the Cruiserweights tonight, first off Cedric Alexander teamed with Rich Swann to take on Drew Gulak and Lince Dorado.  Was a pretty good match but I still don’t think it’s showing off the guys as much as if they were in singles matches.  Later on TJP took on Tony Nese. This was a good match but the fans were getting very restless, we had CM Punk and Randy Savage chants which was a real shame for the Cruiserweights.

The last segment of the show was the highlight reel I talked about earlier, the chemistry between Owens and Jericho continues to be fantastic. Enzo and Cass came out and the two teams went back and forth which was very funny. This turned into the main event, Owens and Jericho vs. Enzo & Big Cass. This match dragged, there was ALOT of selling by Enzo until Cass got the hot tag. The match ended when Kevin Owens power bombed Enzo for the win and the show went off the air.

This was an ok show, it was obvious they were going against the presidential debate as the main storyline didn’t really progress and they mainly just set matches up for next weeks Raw from LA.


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