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A Post from an Shell Shocked Astros Fan


keep-calm-and-go-astros-9This is the part of the season that begins to work your blood-pressure if your team is fighting to get a wild card spot. Right now, Astros fans are crowding the ER, trying to remedy the sharp pains in their chests brought on by the series with the Angels. Though it’s not really happening, and merely a figure of speech that accurately portrays the situation Houston is currently in.

Before the Astros series with the Angels, hope was high. The Astros were coming off a good couple wins in Seattle and a series sweep of the A’s, thus putting Houston one game back of the Wild Card. I felt going to bed Wednesday night, the Astros knew what the odds were and what they had to do to defy them. I myself ignored the tweets people had  posted of the odds that the Astros had in making the Wild Card.  Because I saw them as pure tomfoolery.

Cleatgeeks is going to do a live play-by-play broadcast of the final game of the three game set between the Mariners and the Astros at 2:00pm eastern, 1:00pm central and 11:00am Mountain at this link, HERE. You can also go to and download their free app and listen to this game live, on you cell phone. 

Unfortunately, baseball can be an extremely cruel at times. Also like many in history I payed no mind to the phrase when you think nothing bad can happen, that’s usually when bad things happen. I am not sure who said that or when they said it, but I am guessing whoever created that saying was referring to their baseball team.

The Astros are in three games of a four game set with the Angels and thus far, the Angels have played a very aggressive form of baseball, resulting in 3 wins for the Angels and 3 losses for the Astros. Losses, that have come at the most critical time during the season when your team is in a very tight race to the WC. I think the character Steve McCroskey, from the movie Airplane, said it best “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.”

astrosmarinersThe Astros have since won the 4th game of the series against the Angels, but last night, despite a late inning rally, they lost the 1st game of 3 to the team they need to beat in order to clinch a Wild Card birth in the Seattle Mariners.

Personally, the Angels series really should have been a cake walk. The Angels are not playing for anything. They’re not going to the playoffs. They’re just playing….to play.

But by way the Angels played against Houston so far, you would have assumed that the Angels were trying to get a spot in the WC too. The first game of the series it was close. The other  two games, the Angels came back in both games to blow the game wide open.

What makes these games all the more agonizing, is the recent set of injuries that, seemed to happen, again at the most inopportune time of the season. I am no way blaming the players for getting hurt, in fact I understand that it happens. I am pointing out that the Astros have remained relatively healthily this season, then weird things started happening as if the baseball Gods suddenly had it out for us.

houstongottabelieveAt the beginning of the season, the Astros had a 68% chance of a post season appearance. By July 27th, after a brief roller coaster ride we were back at 64%, after that, the bottom fell out and we fell far. Now Houston sits with a 6% chance. I was once a man who like Han Solo, would say “Never tell me the odds.” Because at the time they meant nothing to me. But here I am.

It’s upsetting to be at this level when you were a Post Season team last year. It hurts even more because the Astros have such an awesome roster of young talent! I know what the Astros are capable of! I have seen their talent-I know!

With five games remaining I am still hoping for a massive miracle that would put the Astros in the Wild Card. I will admit its a long shot, but 6% is still a positive number. In the end, as a fan you have to keep rooting for your team no matter what. You committed to that action when you cheered for them on Opening Day.

The Astros have an amazing pitching staff, and amazing position players. All across the board, right on through the farm systems. These guys (all of them) haven’t given up and so as a fan that means I cannot give up on them.


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